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Wedding Cake Stand Guide

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Have a wedding cake stand question? What size? Which color? Sarah, the cake stand guru behind Sarah’s Stands, dishes up all the answers so you can find the perfect cake stand for your wedding in our wedding cake stand guide below.

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You will want to choose a cake stand that is the same size or bigger than the bottom tier of your cake. Most tiered cakes are created on a cake board and, ideally, your cake board and cake stand will be the same size.

If you have chosen a simple cake design with minimal decorations, a cake stand that is the same size as the bottom tier of your cake will create a seamless transition from the cake to the cake stand. If your cake design has embellishments, such as flowers, you will want to use a cake stand that is bigger than the bottom tier of your cake to provide a small ledge for the embellishments.

I recommend never using a cake stand that is smaller than your cake board in order to ensure that your cake is as stable as possible. If you have any questions about the size of your cake or cake board, it is best to ask your baker.

Extra Tip: When choosing a cake stand, make sure the top plate is completely flat so that it supports your cake properly. Any dips in the top plate can cause your cake to sag and ruin the design. All of Sarah’s Stands cake stands feature a flat top plate for this reason.

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A cake board is a cardboard disc that your cake is built on and it is used to help transport your cake to the venue. There are a variety of cake board sizes available and the design of your cake determines the size of the cake board. I recommend using a cake stand that is the same size as your cake board. If you do not know the size of your cake board, consult with your baker.

For help deciding what cake board look to use, check out these 3 Cake Board Looks For Your Wedding Cake.

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This will depend on the manufacturer and quality of the cake stand you choose. After you’ve spent all that time (and money) designing your wedding cake, you want to make sure your cake stand will support the weight of such a large cake. You can test out your cake stand by stacking books or dumb bells on it that equal the same weight as your cake. Or, you can get a Sarah’s Stands cake stand that is specifically designed to hold the weight of tiered cakes. We even have a snazzy weight chart of the maximum weight we recommend for each size cake stand.


Cake Stand Size Maximum Weight
10″ Cake Stand 40 lbs.
12″ Cake Stand 75 lbs.
14″ Cake Stand 110 lbs.
16″ Cake Stand 145 lbs.
18″ Cake Stand 180 lbs.
20″ Cake Stand 215 lbs.









As you can see, our cake stands can easily support the weight of tiered cakes. In fact, the maximum weight capacity is well over the weight of an average size cake.

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Choosing your cake stand color is an opportunity to incorporate your wedding colors, accentuate a specific feature of your cake, or add color to a simple cake design. Making a bold choice like hot pink or teal can make your whole cake presentation stand out. Or, you can choose a subtle color like black or silver that will add height and drama to your presentation. When in doubt, a white cake stand is a classic choice that is always in style with any design. Choosing a color will depend on your style and the type of display you would like to have for your cake. Thinking about your cake stand as a part of the overall cake design can lead to stunning results.

Pink Cake Stand | Sarah's StandsSilver Cake Stand | Sarah's StandsBle Cake Stand | Sarah's Stands

If you are having trouble picking a color for your cake stand, contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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Oetting | Sarah's Stands

The two most common ways to get a cake stand is either to rent or buy one. If available, you can rent a cake stand from your baker or an event rental company. However, this can be expensive for a one-time use and your options are limited. Buying a cake stand provides you with many more options so that you can get the exact look you want. As an added bonus, your cake stand will be a cherished memento that can be used for years to come.
Beware, most bakers do not provide a cake stand so you will have to find your own (don’t worry, we got you covered with all these wedding cake stands). Sarah’s Stands is the best resource for buying a cake stand as we offer a wide variety of colors and sizes specifically designed for wedding cakes.

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With all the wedding details to keep track of, the cake stand is often overlooked. A cake stand is that decor item that will make your cake really stand out. So, rather than leaving this to the last minute, you should get this off your list as soon as you can. Getting a cake stand early allows you and your baker to incorporate the cake stand into the design and presentation of the cake. It can be the pop of color that brings your cake design together or it can make a simple design sublime. That being said, Sarah’s Stands offers expedited shipping so, if you do leave this to the last minute, we can take care of you.

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Color Cake Stand | Sarah's Stands
A wedding cake stand is the secret weapon that will make all of your guests ooh-and-aah over your cake. It is the perfect finishing touch as it will add height and drama to the cake presentation. It can be the splash of color that brings your cake design together or it can make a simple design sublime. I often say that a cake stand is like a perfect pair of high heels for a glamorous dress.
Did you know? A cake stand makes smaller cakes look bigger. If you’re on a budget, this is a simple way to add some oomph to your cake presentation.

Added Bonus: Your cake stand will make all the future celebrations in your new, happily married life that much sweeter.




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I hope this guide has answered all your cake stand questions but, if not, feel free to contact us. If you want some advice on how to design and display your wedding cake, you should check out . . .

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Best wishes on your big day. I hope it’s everything you dream it to be.

- Sarah