Nuts for OSU! Wedding

Nuts for OSU! Wedding

Classic and elegant can be used to describe the look of this wedding day but don't let that fool you. This happy couple has a real fun side including using Ohio State University as the inspiration for their cake and wedding cake stand. Not to mention the face smash after the couple cut the cake. But what shines through the most is the love they share and how much they enjoyed their big day. Take a look and see what I'm taking about.

Cake Stand.
Names: Tricia & Chris
Date: May 29, 2011
Location: Ohio State University Faculty Club (Columbus, OH)
Wedding Color: Red
Cake Stand Size & Color: 20 Inch Vintage Lace Cake StandSarah's Stands | Wedding of the Month.

SS: How would you describe the look of your wedding?

T&C: It looked like us. Simple, elegant, and nuts (for OSU)!

SS: How many hours of sleep did you get the night before the big day?

T&C: Well, I was in bed for 7 hours but I spent most of it awake. I was way too excited!

SS: How did you come up with the design of your wedding cake? What flavors did you pick?

T&C: After looking through tons of online galleries we realized we wanted something more fun than traditional. Michelle Sauer of Sauer Cakes had photos of Ohio State cupcakes on her website that I loved. I sketched up a cake using the same buckeye decorations but I put them on a red and white cake with silver ribbons instead. Michelle was amazing and jumped right on board. We trusted the rest to her and she gave us the perfect cake! I chose a chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache and peanut butter filling as my choice...that is my all time favorite combination. Chris went for the vanilla cake with white chocolate ganache and strawberry filling. Our joint choice was a mocha liqueur cake colored red to add a punch of color and it was another cake option for our guests.

SS: Did you and your partner feed each other cake delicately or was there a face smash?

T&C: Chris definitely smashed it in my face and then ran away!

SS: What was your Something Borrowed? Something Blue? Something Old? And, yes, Something New?

T&C: Borrowed was my shoes. Blue was my underwear! Old was my mother's diamond from her wedding ring that I wore in a ring on my right hand. And, new was the crystal hairpiece I wore.

SS: What did you choose for your wedding party to wear? How did they react?

T&C: We made the decision right away not to have a wedding party. We had all of our close friends and family there with us to celebrate the weekend of our wedding but we did not want the added stress and responsibility of a wedding party. Everyone said, "Are you allowed to do that!?" It turned out wonderful and I'd absolutely recommend it. My brother walked my mother down the aisle, Chris' brothers walked his mother down, and then I came with my father. It was perfect. This way, we escaped the pressure of hurt feelings, making friends feel obligated to spend a lot of money, worrying about which of our friends would be in our wedding party, etc. I think our day would have been much more stressful if we had to coordinate events for a group of people. This way, our focus stayed on each other. And, everyone wore what they wanted. They sat with their significant others and they were there for us all the same.

SS: What did you talk about during your First Dance?

T&C: Chris asked if there was anything he could do to make this day even better. He wanted to make sure I, and our guests, were having the best time possible. I told him it was perfect. We felt very blessed. The rest of the time, he was telling me to stop stepping on his feet! And, we talked about how glad we were we didn't pick a longer song because we're terrible dancers!

SS: We know your wedding day was perfect but what is the one thing you would do differently?

T&C: I literally can think of only one thing and that would be to remember to take the leftover cake back to the hotel with us! HUGE MISTAKE! It was all boxed up for us and ready to go but we forgot to load it into the car. I am still so sad I didn't get to have cake for breakfast the next morning.

SS: What was the surprise moment of your wedding day that you will always cherish?

T&C: Chris says the best surprise was when I walked out in my dress. After all the talking I did about dresses and all the episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress" he had to watch, finally, he was able to see me and the dress I chose to wear. For me, it was having my Grandma and Great Aunt Rosie arrive before everyone else and catch me in my dress as I was getting ready. I'll never forget the looks on their faces and how happy I was to see them and be able to have them there. They are so special to us and that was the perfect way to start the wedding for me.

SS: What is the one piece of advice you would give to couples planning their wedding?

T&C: Keep it personal. Your wedding should suit you as a couple. And, it should be FUN! Guests want their food and drink quickly and, if that is done, your wedding will be a success. Spend the rest of the time with your new wife or hubby and enjoy every second of it. Don't let others pressure you into doing anything because it's "what everyone else does." Guests will appreciate if they can tell the wedding suits YOU.  A centerpiece does not a good wedding make. People are going to remember how happy you look so have fun planning little details. But don't worry about them!

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