Vintage Victorian Wedding

Vintage Victorian Wedding

Hours of research and planning paid off for this couple's wedding day. A beautiful color palette and an attention to detail not only made the event swoon-worthy but worry-free as well (except for the usual nerves leading up to the big day!). See how this happy couple pulled off a vintage, Victorian wedding to remember.

Wedding Cake Stand

  • Names:  Denise & Joe
  • Date:  June 18, 2011
  • Location: Malibu Lake and Mountain Club (Agoura Hills, CA)
  • Wedding Colors: Lavender, Grey and Ivory
  • Cake Stand Size & Color:  18 Inch Starry Eyed Silver Cake Stand
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SS: How would you describe the look of your wedding?

D&J: Personal, romantic and elegant with a touch of vintage Victorian.

SS: How many hours of sleep did you get the night before the big day?

D&J: I slept very well the night before the wedding! I think between 8-9 hours which was lovely. The day before the wedding, I was incredibly spoiled with a massage, a private yoga class and an amazing dinner. I was definitely relaxed and well rested! Joe slept about 9 hours as well so that was nice.

SS: How did you come up with the design of your wedding cake? What flavors did you pick?

D&J: We searched for many hours on wedding websites, blogs, bakery websites, cake websites, etc. As a baker myself by hobby, I knew that I wanted something unique and spectacular on my wedding cake stand. I came across the design for my cake on a blog and I knew instantly it was the design I wanted. We made a few tweaks to reflect the look and feel of our wedding. When it came to choosing flavors, there were so many yummy ones to choose from! We ended up having each cake layer be a different flavor. The first layer was vanilla cake with coffee buttercream and walnuts. The second layer was vanilla cake baked with oreos and alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate buttercream. The third layer was red velvet with cream cheese buttercream. The top layer was my personal favorite. It was a vanilla cake with hazelnut buttercream.

SS: Did you and your partner feed each other cake delicately or was there a face smash?

D&J: We had an agreement before the big day that there would be no face smashing! I did not want to ruin my beautiful dress! It was delicate, though Joe tried to get a little on my lips. I was actually really proud of him for not smashing the cake in my face.

SS: What was your Something Borrowed? Something Blue? Something Old? And, yes, Something New?

D&J: My Something Borrowed were my stunning earrings loaned to me by our family jeweler. My Something Blue was a beautiful handkerchief given to me by a dear friend and my garter that my sister gave me. I actually don’t think I had Something Old that day. My Something New was a complete surprise to me! I had planned to loan the necklace that I was wearing from our jeweler as well but, after Joe and I did our first look, I learned that it was mine forever. He had purchased it as a wedding gift for me! My best friend and matron of honor also gave me Something New to wear that day, an amazing diamond bracelet.

SS: What did you choose for your wedding party to wear? How did they react?

D&J: The girls actually got to choose their own dress. We went to a bridesmaid shop in Los Angeles and the girls got to try on a bunch of different dresses. I was flexible in what the girls should wear. I wanted the dress to be grey but, other than that, the girls were free to choose whatever dress they wanted and felt most comfortable in. It was funny that they all chose the same dress! They loved their dresses! The guys rented their tuxes from a family-owned tux shop in Santa Clarita. We chose the colors of their vests and ties based on the girls’ dresses. The guys liked their tuxes. By the end of the night, however, they were not big fans of the shoes!

SS: What did you talk about during your First Dance?

D&J: We chose the song, “When You’ve Got a Good Thing” by Lady Antebellum. Neither of us likes to dance or be the center of attention so it was really hard for us to be on the dance floor alone for three and a half minutes. We mostly reflected on how beautiful everything turned out. We laughed about halfway through because the song seemed to go on so long. Then, we strategized on how to give the DJ an incognito sign to fade out the song so we could go eat. Suddenly, the song was over and it seemed like our dance had just begun.

SS: We know your wedding day was perfect but what is the one thing you would do differently?

D&J: I would have stressed less leading up to the big day. I felt like we did a good job of letting everything just happen the way that it did that day and remembering to stop and enjoy every moment. But leading up to the wedding was pretty chaotic and stressful at times. I wish I would have taken a step back and not worry so much about the end result. Overall, it was worth it though because the entire day was absolutely perfect and I could not have asked for anything more!

SS: What was the surprise moment of your wedding day that you will always cherish?

D&J: I had planned every single minute of our wedding day so it would have been pretty hard to surprise me with anything. But the moment that surprised me the most was when my dad stood up to give the welcome toast. We had joked before the wedding about whether or not he would cry at some point during the day. My sister was convinced he would. Both my dad and I thought there was no way. When he gave the speech, you could see him choke up a bit and he got tears in his eye. It was such a beautiful and endearing moment for me. I will always cherish the words that he said to us that day and all the special moments I shared with my dad.

SS: What is the one piece of advice you would give to couples planning their wedding?

D&J: Remember, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your charger plates look like or whether the flowers were just as you imagined. What matters is that you are surrounded by the people you love the most and that love you. They are there to share in your special day. They will remember how you made them feel, not necessarily what they saw. And, leading up to the big day, it is going to get crazy and hectic and frustrating. But in twenty years, you won’t remember the issues you had with the seating chart or whether your invitation was the exact shade of lavender you wanted. You will remember it as a beautiful and happy day! The day you got married and started the next chapter in your life!

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