Art Deco + San Francisco = Wedding

Art Deco + San Francisco = Wedding

Maybe because I am a born and raised city girl but I love weddings in metropolitan areas. And this one is no exception. This oh-so-chic event in San Francisco was set in a breathtaking Art Deco venue. What a stunning backdrop for this gorgeous couple's big day. And better yet? The happy couple loved every minute of it.

  Wedding Cake Stand

  • Names: Lindsay & Andy
  • Date: September 10, 2011
  • Location: City Club of San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
  • Wedding Colors: Aubergine & Orange/Yellow
  • Cake Stand Size & Color: 16 Inch Black Tie Affair Cake StandSarah's Stands - Wedding of the Month

SS: How would you describe the look of your wedding?

L&A: Elegant and modern. We wanted to work with the Art Deco décor of the venue.

SS: How many hours of sleep did you get the night before the big day?

L&A: We probably got about eight hours of sleep that night.

SS: How did you come up with the design of your cake on your wedding cake stand? What flavors did you pick?

L&A: We started searching online by picking out cakes we liked and then we narrowed it down from there. The flavor of the cake was an Italian cream cake with chocolate ganache filling and buttercream icing.

SS: Did you and your partner feed each other cake delicately or was there a face smash?

L&A: We fed each other nicely. However, right after, the groom proceeded to stuff the rest of the slice of cake into his OWN mouth!

SS: What was your Something Borrowed? Something Blue? Something Old? And, yes, Something New?

L&A: My Something Old and Something Borrowed were the same, a handkerchief from my mom which was sewn into my dress. My Something Blue was my shoes which were bright blue. And, there was plenty of Something New, my dress, earrings, etc…

SS: What did you choose for your wedding party to wear? How did they react?

L&A: My Maid of Honor and I picked out the designer, Amsale, and the color, Aubergine. Then, we selected ten different style options for the rest of the girls in the bridal party to choose from. They could wear any of those styles in short or long so, essentially, they had twenty different dress options. Each of the dresses they chose looked beautiful and they looked great when they stood together, too.

SS: What did you talk about during your First Dance?

L&A: I don’t remember what we talked about during the dance. Probably not too much because our song was faster paced and we were moving quickly.

SS: We know your wedding day was perfect but what is the one thing you would do differently?

L&A: It sounds so cliché. There is literally nothing I would change. It was perfect. Even when I think about the little glitches, they were funny and just added to the experience.

SS: What was the surprise moment of your wedding day that you will always cherish?

L&A: Andy told me that after dinner and the speeches, he would get up and invite everyone downstairs for dancing and cake. He surprised me by actually giving his own speech thanking everyone, and specifically some very important people in our lives, and thanking me, too. His speeches are always just so well written, a mix of humor and heartfelt words, that it is a pleasure to listen to him. He said everything I would have wanted to say to our friends and family.

SS: What is the one piece of advice you would give to couples planning their wedding?

L&A: Pre-wedding - Select vendors that really understand what you are looking for and that you trust. Then it’s not stressful leading up to or during the wedding. Wedding Day - Enjoy the day as much as possible and keep pausing to remember it all!

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