It's A White Wedding For Three Little Blackbirds

It's A White Wedding For Three Little Blackbirds

Three Little Blackbirds on Sarah's Stands.

               Simply Stunning Cake Stands by Sarah's Stands White.White Wedding Cake Stand. Cake Designer:  Three Little Blackbirds

Cake Stand:  White Wedding - Simply Stunning Collection

About Three Little Blackbirds:  When Erin thinks about baking, she immediately thinks back to a time when food was real and wholesome and simple. For her, Three Little Blackbirds is about simplicity in all its beauty, wholesome food made with loving hands, and a chance to be transported back in time to a loving place with just one bite.

Why I Love Three Little Blackbirds:  Three Little Blackbirds is "where sweet dreams come true" and in this Erin has succeeded. If you look at her cake designs, it is as if she has snatched up her cakes from a little girl's dreams and brought them to life. Her brush-work adds a whimsical element while her eye for color takes her designs to a whole new level of amazing. Add to this her strong belief in using only the finest ingredients to make wholesome cakes from scratch and you have the the recipe for some mouth-watering slices of heaven.

The Cake Design:  For her cake, Erin chose some of her favorite trends for this summer:  a gray and burnt orange color scheme with a modern gray pattern and a watercolor-like floral to break it up. She saw the gray pattern on a bedding set in the latest Pottery Barn magazine and thought it would be interesting on a cake. I couldn't agree more. Inspiration can come from anywhere and it's amazing to see the transition from a pattern on a bedding to a delicate, fanciful cake design that (almost) looks too precious to eat.

The Cake Stand:  The White Wedding Cake Stand is a classic bright white color that is the perfect complement to cakes and yummy goodies. The modern lines and durable design ensure this wedding cake stand will be cherished on your wedding day and for celebrations to come. When selecting a cake designer for the new White Wedding cake stand, I wanted someone who could turn the simple into extraordinary. Erin was the first one that came to mind and her cake design went far beyond into a world of perfection.

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