A Black Tie Affair With AK Cake Design

A Black Tie Affair With AK Cake Design

AK Cake Design on Sarah's Stands. Black Tie Affair Cake Stand. Simply Stunning Cake Stands by Sarah's Stands Black. Cake Designer:  AK Cake Design  (photos by Lara Ferroni)

Cake Stand:  Black Tie Affair - Simply Stunning Collection

About AK Cake Design:  Allison is a self-taught baker with a background in fine arts. In cake design, she has found a great way to combine her love of baked goods with her passion for art and design. For her, it is about the process, craftsmanship, and about making people happy.

Why I Love AK Cake Design:  The first words that come to mind when I think about Allison's cakes is clean and modern. Her meticulous attention to detail is evident in all of her designs so that even a simple design stands out. And, her use of colors and shapes is done with such care that each design feels fresh and new. Maybe it is my own penchant for everything modern and bold but if I ever chose to become a cake designer I would strive to make cakes like hers.

The Cake Design:  Allison drew inspiration for her cake design off of a work by an Australian artist named Antonia Sellbach. The colors are all custom mixed - before applying the shapes to the cake, Allison painted each one to intensify the color and to add brushstrokes. She really wanted it to look like it was painted. The shapes were then added in a fairly random order - she just went with what felt right. I could easily see this cake at an opening exhibition party at the Museum of Modern Art or some grand city affair.

The Cake Stand:  The Black Tie Affair Cake Stand is a sleek black color with a slight glossy sheen that will add a touch of sophistication to your cake display. Just like a little black dress, this wedding cake stand can be dressed up or down and is the right choice for any occasion. For the release of the Simply Stunning collection, I knew Allison's bold and elegant aesthetic would be the right pairing with the Black Tie Affair cake stand. Whether you have a modern design like Allison's or you want something more traditional, the black cake stand will provide just the right foundation for your tiered cake.

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