In The Nude With Maggie Austin

In The Nude With Maggie Austin

Maggie Auston on Sarah's Stands.

Nude Cake Stand. Simply Stunning Cake Stand. Cake Designer:  Maggie Austin Cake

Cake Stand:  In the Nude - Simply Stunning Collection

About Maggie Austin:  Following her career as a classical ballet dancer, Maggie completed the prestigious L’art de la Pâtisserie program at the French Pastry School with honors. She brought her unique artistic vision to life when she launched Maggie Austin Cake in 2010 and has since reached a worldwide audience through extensive media coverage including newspapers, magazines, blogs, and television. Exclusively custom and exquisitely tailored, Maggie Austin designs display symmetry, elegance, and sophistication with the subtle yet unmistakable mark of haute couture.

Why I Love Maggie Austin:  Known for her couture cake designs and, in particular, her signature ruffles, Maggie's cakes are simply to die for. She is the epitome of a cake artist and her designs are confectionary masterpieces. On a personal note, I first met Maggie in 2010 soon after I started Sarah's Stands and, from day one, she has been one of my biggest supporters. We collaborated on a gorgeous cake for my first trade show and since then she has displayed more cakes on my cake stands than I can count. It is an honor to be a part of anything she designs and I am always delighted to see what she does next. Maggie Austin on Sarah's Stands. The Cake Design:  There is a gracefulness to all of Maggie's designs and this cake is no exception. The gentle curve of the cherry blossoms is placed artfully on the cake in a subtle cascade. Just look at the detail on the flowers! The bottom tier is marked by her signature ruffles which adds a hint of femininity and airiness to the overall design. While this cake is anything but simple, it is a wonderful example of the old adage less is more.

The Cake Stand:  The In the Nude Cake Stand is a gorgeous designer beige that will compliment any cake design. Just as a woman has a pair of nude shoes in her wardrobe that goes with everything, so, too, will this cake stand be a staple for your delicious cakes. When I was working on the release of the Simply Stunning Collection, I knew immediately that I wanted Maggie to create a cake for it. The delicacy and sophistication of her cake design is sheer perfection and shows off the wedding cake stand just beautifully.

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