Charm City Cakes on Shimmering Lights

Charm City Cakes on Shimmering Lights

Charm City Cakes on Sarah's Stands. Simply Stunning by Sarah's Stands SIlver. Cake:  Charm City Cakes

Cake Stand:  Shimmering Lights - Simply Stunning Collection

About Charm City Cakes:  Since 2002, Chef Duff Goldman has gained an international reputation for jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring confections.  From the elegant to the punk rock, Duff and his team of cake artists will take your cake vision and transform it into a gorgeous – and delicious – reality.

Why I Love Charm City Cakes:  Charm City Cakes came on the scene with the television show "Ace of Cakes" and were instantly loved for their extravagant cakes and off-beat style. While in Baltimore, I had the pleasure of being their neighbors where I got to see them in action. And, let me tell you, their cakes look even better in person.

The Cake Designs:  Charm City Cakes presented us with two cakes for the new Shimmering Lights cake stand. The first one is the more traditional of the two with a pale color scheme complemented by sweetly painted flowers, delicate rows of white ruffles and topped off with one gorgeous white rose. The second cake is a nod to the mid-century era with its retro shape that reminds me of the Chrysler building. The bold flash of silver throughout ties in with the wedding cake stand for a perfectly unified look.

The Cake Stand:  The Shimmering Lights Cake Stand is a pale grey color with a hint of shimmer that will make your sweet confections shine. A durable and versatile display that will complement your wedding cake or holiday treat and add sparkle to your special occasion. The Shimmering Lights cake stand is the most vivacious of the new collection so who better to show off these bright lights then the "Ace of Cakes" themselves?

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