Shimmering Lights On M. Robin Cakes

Shimmering Lights On M. Robin Cakes

Shimmering Lights Cake Stand. Shimmering Lights Cake Stand by Sarah's Stands. Shimmering Lights Silver Cake Stand. Cake:  M. Robin Cakes  (photos by: Precious Bugarin)

Cake Stand:  Shimmering Lights - Simply Stunning Collection

About M. Robin Cakes:  Marcella finds cake design to be the perfect blend of her love for art and baking. She currently focuses on entremet wedding cakes which are made of sponge cake, layered with a variety of creams, custards, mousses and then wrapped in a thin exterior layer of sponge cake. The design is actually baked into the outside layer. With its bold design and enticing outer layer of decorative sponge cake, the entremet is unique and above all delicious.

Why I Love M. Robin Cakes:  There are so many reasons to love Marcella. Her creative spin on cake design is bold, unique and just plain fun. Talk about one incredibly talented individual. But I fell in love with her even more after watching this video. Check it out and you'll see what I'm talking about!

The Cake Designs:  Marcella created two amazing cakes for the Shimmering Lights cake stand. The first design is a dark poppy seed sponge cake called Chompers. The design was inspired by grinning teeth and she envisioned the red flower to look like a woman with a flower in her teeth doing the tango. Ole! The second design is a striped cake called Faded Glory. She experimented with luster dust to match the stripes to the metallic cake stand and added the yellow flower for a pop of color. Let's just say I'm crazy about both designs.

The Cake Stand:  The Shimmering Lights Cake Stand is a beautiful pale silver with a hint of shimmer that will add a special touch to your cake design. A versatile display, this wedding cake stand will complement your wedding cake or holiday treat and add sparkle to your special occasion. To steer away from the typical cakes we so often see, I knew Marcella was the perfect choice to help me introduce this new cake stand in the Simply Stunning Collection. Her cake designs are a true inspiration that I hope will encourage others to think outside the box and have a little fun with their cakes.

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