An Enchanted Evening with Fondant Flinger

An Enchanted Evening with Fondant Flinger

Fondant Flinger on Sarah's Stands.Purple Cake Stand. Simply Stunning Collection by Sarah's Stands Purple. Cake Designer:  Fondant Flinger

Cake Stand:  Enchanted Evening - Simply Stunning Collection

About Fondant Flinger:  Rachel became interested in cakes about three years ago after seeing fondant work on the various cake decorating television shows and thinking, "I can do that!" She bought a pack of fondant from the local Walmart and dove into the world of sugar shaping with the creation of her son's second birthday party. After that, orders just started coming in. Fondant Flinger officially opened in May 2011. Rachel learns as much as she can from YouTube, online tutorials, Craftsy and then puts her own spin on it.

Why I Love Fondant Flinger:  If you take a look at Rachel's cake designs one of the first things you will notice is their vibrancy. Whether it's a bold color, a unique shape or a twist on the overall design, she leaves her mark on her cakes. They all seem to have a joy about them that I believe comes from her love of her work. What I admire most is her can-do attitude and willingness to try new things. The result is some eye-catching cakes that make you want to have a reason to celebrate.

The Cake Design:  Rachel wanted the Enchanted Evening cake stand to have something vibrant so she decided to paint the anemone flower to get more depth. If you look closely at the flower you can see some really amazing detail work that is breathtaking. The all-white tiers have some subtle texture with the white flower petals on two of the tiers. This is the perfect backdrop for the flower which really is the star of the show.

The Cake Stand:  The Enchanted Evening Cake Stand is a rich purple color that is one of the most popular colors in today's weddings. This wedding cake stand is a wonderful way to incorporate your wedding theme colors into your cake table display. If you have a bold cake with lots of purple, the cake stand will blend into the overall design. Or, as Rachel has done with her cake, if you have a pop of purple in your cake, the cake stand will accentuate that detail and tie all the elements of the design together.

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