30 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Cake Stand

30 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Cake Stand

Over the years, I've heard from customers, both near and far, about why they need a Sarah's Stands cake stand. Funny, heart-warming, surprising proclamations that I've diligently recorded to keep me going when running my own business gets hard. And, today, I want to express my gratitude by sharing these reasons with you. It's my way of saying thank you for the cake stand love. Did I miss anything? If so, share your reason why you need a wedding cake stand in the comments section below.

30 Wedding Cake Stand Reasons.  

30 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Cake Stand

1.   I love the way it makes my cake look.

2.   I’ve always wanted one.

3.   It’s not only just for cakes.

4.   It will give my wedding cake that wow factor.

5.   I have a cake stand addiction.

6.   I could always use another one.

7.   It makes smaller cakes look bigger.

8.   Yes, that's right, I deserve it.

9.   A cake board is not a real cake display. 1

0.  It’s the perfect finishing touch to my cake.

11.  I’m going to make my daughter’s wedding cake.

12.  A cake is not complete without the proper stand.

13.  It adds height and drama to the cake presentation.

14.  Matching my cake stand to my cake is pure genius.

15.  A cake stand is the stage on which the cake will shine.

16.  My wedding is the perfect reason to justify getting one.

17.  Just think of all the celebrations I will use it for.

18.  I’m starting my own bakery.

19.  You can never have too many cake stands.

20.  It’s a wedding tradition to display a cake on a cake stand.

21.  There’s no way my wedding cake is just sitting on a table.

22.  I’m spending a lot of $ on my cake, why wouldn’t I get one?

23.  A cake stand is one way to make my day special and unique.

24.  I like the formal etiquette of serving cake from a cake stand.

25.  My wedding cake is going to be the highlight of my reception.

26.  I want to offer my couples the perfect cake stand for their cake.

27.  It will make my cake look like the ones I see in magazines.

28.  It's that décor item that will make your cake really stand out.

29.  A cake stand is to a wedding cake what high heels are to a glamorous dress.

30.  It's a pop of color that brings your cake design together or it can make a simple design sublime. Have your own reason why you need a wedding cake stand? Please share yours in the comments section below...

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