The Secret Guide For a Magazine-Worthy Wedding Cake

The Secret Guide For a Magazine-Worthy Wedding Cake

When I was planning my wedding, I scoured practically every magazine and online publication for cake ideas. And, wow, there are some truly gorgeous cake designs out there by some amazingly talented artists. But if you want that magazine-worthy wedding cake on your cake stand, it takes more than ripping out a photo and getting a copy of it made for your big day. So, how do you get that magazine-worthy look for your wedding cake? Well, here it is...

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Meet Your Match

Find the right Cake Designer (aka BAKER). Finding a baker seems obvious but let me clarify. You don't just want to find any baker, you want to find one that is best suited for your cake design. Wedding magazines have cakes flown in for a photo shoot from all over the country because they want to highlight the talents of a specific cake designer. Now, I'm not saying you should have your cake flown in from out-of-state (unless you've got the funds then, hey, go wild and have fun). But I am suggesting that you look for talent if you want a gorgeous, professional looking wedding cake. Check out a baker's website and go through their cake portfolio. See if they have a Facebook page with pictures of recent cakes they made. Do they teach any baking classes? Have they been featured in magazines? Get referrals from other wedding vendors. If you do your homework, you will find just the right baker for the cake design you want. 

Simplicity is Key

Have a cake design in mind. As you look through all those gorgeous cake photos, you will notice the simplicity of many of the designs. Wedding cakes will often only have one or two main elements, like flowers cascading down or a painted lace motif. But the design is executed with such precision and detail that the cake just jumps off the page. You don't need a lot of elements to make a cake amazing. Just a few details and a skilled baker will provide stunning results. If you're worried you are over-designing your cake, talk with your baker who will help steer you in the right direction.

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What Lies Beneath

Have a plan for the Cake Board. Every large, tiered cake has a cake board underneath it for support. However, you will rarely see one in a magazine. Why? Because the cake board is incorporated into the bottom tier of the cake so that it "disappears." To achieve this, a baker will use the same size cake board as the bottom cake tier and design it as if it is part of the cake. If you use a cake board that is too big, it will stick out from underneath and distract from the cake. It’s like a woman whose slip is showing from underneath her dress. Talk with your baker to see if they can make your cake board disappear for a more streamlined and professional look. Sarah's Stands offers some of the best cake boards available, buy yours here.

Need more information about cake boards? Check out these 3 Cake Board Looks For Your Wedding Cake.

Set the Stage

Make sure to set the stage with the right decor. You can have the most stunning cake in the world but, if you don't set the stage to display it, you will not get that wow reaction you were hoping to achieve. Take a closer look at that cake photo you love. See the artfully placed cake knife and server? How about that beautiful lace linen draped on the table? It's the details that will take your wedding cake from nice to amaaaazing. Think about decor items like a wedding cake stand, the cake knife and server, the table linen, candles and flowers. Also, think about the backdrop for your cake table. Will there be a funky brick wall behind it? Some gorgeous drapery? Or, maybe it will be framed perfectly by a set of windows? Place your cake table in just the right spot and you will get some killer photos, just like the pros.

Everything is Illuminated

Make sure your cake is lit well.  Lighting is a subtle but ever-so-effective way to step up the presentation of your wedding cake. The magazine professionals spend a whole lot of time getting the lighting just right for that perfect photo. So, you can be certain, taking a bit of extra time on the lighting of your cake will be well worth it. If you're having a nighttime affair, place some candles around your cake to set the mood with a golden glow. A wedding in a grand ballroom can have a spotlight directed at the cake to highlight it (just make sure the light is not too hot or your cake will melt). Or, if you're having a rustic, elegant event in the countryside, simple rays of sunlight streaming through a window would be a perfect touch. Looking to find a cake design for your wedding? Take a click trip to our Lookbook to see a collection of the most gorgeous cakes and find your favorite style.

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Yay for this article. Addressed some of ny pet peives and yay for lighting.? Ive been to entire events lit up abd i come and set the cake in place and… No light, ugh! ? your tips!


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