Sarah's Stands All-Star: Oven Art Designer Cake

Sarah's Stands All-Star: Oven Art Designer Cake

Sarah's Stands Cake Stand All Stars.                                                    Couture Wedding Cake Stand.


Sarah's Stands All-Star: Lisa Cunningham Oven Art Designer Cake 223 West Broadway Downtown Maryville, TN 865-385-7429

I'm always on the lookout for cake designers with a unique perspective and when I saw Lisa's work on our wedding cake stands I became an instant fan. I love her philosophy to use only the finest ingredients because, well, great ingredients means great tasting cakes! And, it is her attention to detail that separates her work from simple baking to true artistry. You can tell she puts a tremendous amount of effort into each of her designs and the result is always spectacular. What I believe really sets her work apart is her drive to learn from other artists and cultures which she then incorporates into her own aesthetic. I cannot wait to see her next fabulous creation and how her work develops in the future.

About Oven Art:  Owner and Executive Pastry Chef Lisa Cunningham chose the name Oven Art to distinguish her studio as an art gallery for cakes, rather than a cake bakery. Lisa founded her boutique dessert studio with a vision to design world-class custom confections that taste as incredible as they look. Her focus on world-class dessert design keeps her busy researching ingredients from around the globe. Lisa’s philosophy is that with meticulous detail, the highest quality ingredients and a passion for her art, Oven Art cakes will make any wedding or event a memorable occasion. Couture Wedding Cake Stands. Oven Art on Cake Design:  Lisa’s approach is to start with simple lines which allow the details to stand out. Flowers are one of her favorite design components, and at least one sugar flower can be found throughout all of her projects. To Lisa, the design of a flower knows no boundaries, as they are the ultimate natural element of organic art. Found in millions of colors, shapes and textures, flowers are delicate, pure and each one has its own unique characteristics. With an eye for current trends and unique designs, such as stained glass, marble and intricate gold leaf cakes, Lisa's cakes wow with style. Couture Wedding Cake Stands. Oven Art on Sarah's Stands:  Lisa writes, "I decided early on while preparing to open my studio that I wanted to use Sarah's Stands cake stands. I looked at the quality of the design, various colors and styles and knew that they were an investment, something you take ownership in like fine china. I use the cake stands to display any number of cakes in my studio. And, I'm always proud to offer the cake stands to my clients to display their cakes. I don't rent them, they're a complementary feature to anyone that chooses to have me design for their special day. I want everything to be perfect for each and every client and I feel that a cake isn't finished until it's on a stand. These cake stands add an elegant flair without distracting from the design of the cake. Simply put, they complete the cake!" Want to see more cakes? Take a click trip to our Lookbook to see more gorgeous cakes on our cake stands and find your favorite style.

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