10 Fun Uses For Your Cake Stand

10 Fun Uses For Your Cake Stand

Growing up in New York City, I always knew we were about to throw a big party when my mom would set out her cake stands. These were beautifully etched, crystal displays kept safely in cabinets far out of reach from the clutches of me and my sisters. When they would appear on our dining room table, this marked a moment of importance like a holiday dinner, anniversary or birthday. Oh, and what a secret thrill it was to see a yummy cake or pie from the bakery be presented on these cake stands (my mom was more of a take-out queen than home cook). And, that was the whole point. Cake stands add a bit of drama as if to say this cake is going to be extra good and that these special guests deserve a beautiful presentation. These days, I find myself looking for any excuse to set out one of my cake stands. I mean, I run a wedding cake stand business so it's no wonder I got cake stands on the brain. And, that got me thinking, do I need a special occasion to use my cake stands? What if I take every day things, items or moments that are important only to me, and celebrate them with a cake stand whenever and wherever I wish? This was a revelation. I could use cake stands for anything, at anytime I chose. Brilliant! I mean, life is just one big celebration and who better to celebrate my life than me? Once I got going with this line of thinking, the possibilities seemed endless. Here are a few of my out-of-the-box ideas that I encourage you to try for all the special moments in your life.  


 Clockwise (from top left): Party Favors / Soap / Chocolates / Perfume / Cheese Platter / Candles / Candies / Books / Cookies.

1.  Give your guests the royal treatment and display a set of your favorite bathroom necessities in the guest bathroom.

2.  For a girls' night in, ditch the platter and use a cake stand for that delectable assortment of cheeses, prosciutto and olives.

3.  Handing out party favors at your next shindig? Why, a cake stand stacked with favors near the entrance will make an impression.

4.  Proudly display that set of rare books in your den by stacking them on a cake stand and placing it on a bookshelf or side table.

5.  Make yourself feel extra special by arranging your pretty collection of perfumes and other beauty products on a cake stand in your dressing area.

6.  To set a romantic mood, a group of candles in varying heights on a cake stand will cast just the right glow.

7.  Small delicacies, like chocolates, cookies and candies, look oh-so-sweet on your favorite cake stand. You can even stack your cake stands with each tier containing a different treat. Just be warned, this presentation causes frequent samplings.

8.  Don't have a vase? A bundle of flowers on a cake stand makes a gorgeous centerpiece on your dinner table.

9.  Or, try an assortment of seasonal fruit for a fragrant arrangement that is healthy to eat, too.

10.  Better yet, fruit cut into the shape of exotic flowers combines the best of both worlds. A feast for the eyes and mouth.

Cake Stand. Have I sparked your imagination? Let me know which of these cake stand ideas you plan to try. Or, maybe you have any even better suggestion? Let's get inspired and use those cake stands. It's time to celebrate your life.

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