10 Tips for the Newly Engaged

10 Tips for the Newly Engaged

Cake Stand. #1.  CALL EACH OTHER FIANCÉ AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.  With any good fortune, you will only be a fiancé once in your life so enjoy it! You've spent plenty of time having a girlfriend/boyfriend and you have the rest of your life with a wife/husband. But, for this golden time, you get to have a FIANCÉ. It’s a fun word to say, a fun thing to be, and a fun thing to have. So, take full advantage while you can.

#2.  GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT. Lots of people are going to ask, “How did you two meet?” and “How did he/she propose?” So, make sure you're on the same page. Get your banter down and be prepared to tell your story often because everyone loves a love story.

#3.  BE PREPARED FOR THE FIANCÉ 15. Being engaged is a time for celebrating! People are going to take you out for dinner, throw you parties, and every meal together will deserve a celebratory dessert. So, don’t be surprised if a few extra pounds creep on. But, worry not, I am certain your fiancé will still love you no matter what.

#4.  SHOW OFF THAT BLING.   You got the ring so wear it with pride. Your engagement ring is one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry you will ever own. And, your fiancé spent a lot of time (and money) picking it out so don't be shy about showing it off. Cake Stand. #5.  START PLANNING NOW. The wedding will come up quicker than you think so try to get a jump start on that wedding to-do list. But, don’t stress too much. At the end of the day, it’s simply a party with all your favorite loved ones.

#6.  DON'T BE ENGAGED TOO LONG. The fiancé phase is fun but hanging out there too long might raise some eyebrows and get people wondering.

#7.  INDULGE IN PLENTY OF WEDDING MAGS & BLOGS. They are fun, full of good ideas, and loaded with inspirational pictures. However, unless you work in the wedding industry, it’s really hard to justify reading them unless you are engaged. But, guess what? You are! So, go crazy and read as many as you want.

#8.  NO SPYING DURING BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE PARTIES. It will just lead to a nasty fight. And, seriously, if you can’t trust your fiancé to have a night out with the gang then maybe you should rethink that whole till death do us part thing.

#9.  TOUGH TALKS. Once you say your “I do’s” some things start to change. Your home, your money, and your lives all become one. So, before that time, it’s a good idea to have a few conversations with your fiancé about how these joint ventures are going to proceed. A few tough, prenuptial talks will save you from some unpleasant post-wedding fights. Cake Stands. #10.  THINK OUT THE WEDDING GIFT LIST.  This might be the last time you get a big pile of awesome stuff from your friends and family so think out that list. The next pile of gifts is going to be at your baby shower (and we all know those gifts aren’t really for you).

Bonus tip: Don't forget to say "I love you" every day. Because you do and your partner should know it. 

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