At First Blush with the Fondant Flinger

At First Blush with the Fondant Flinger

Pink Wedding Cake Stand.

The fabulous Rachel Skvaril of Fondant Flinger has created one of her to-die-for designer cakes on the new At First Blush wedding cake stand from Sarah's Stands.

What inspired this gorgeous cake design?

Fondant Flinger: Metallic gold and sequins are pretty much everywhere you look these days and I immediately knew that I wanted to include them in my cake design. When I saw the amazing color of the Sarah's Stand wedding cake stand, I knew that I wanted to incorporate a bit of mint, some gold sequins and bring out the pink color of the stand in the design. Using wafer paper and a faux gold leaf technique, I created the patterned tiers of the cake. I loved the watercolor look of the pattern and added additional depth and shading to the pattern with various petal dusts. Because peonies are one of my favorite flowers, I decided to use these as my focal points of the cake. I love the different textures of this cake; the softness of the flower petals, the dimension added with the gold confetti sequin tiers and the sheen of the wafer paper.Blush Pink Wedding Cake Stand Quote. Pink Wedding Cake Stands.

About Fondant Flinger: Rachel Skvaril is the cake designer and sugar artist behind Fondant Flinger. Rachel began her sugar craft in 2011 and specializes in hand crafted sugar work inspired by textures and textiles found in both interior design as well as fashion. Currently, Rachel is creating custom designed cakes to limited clientele in the Greater New Orleans area. Her work has been featured on Cake Central, Amy Atlas Events, The Cake Blog, Brides and Sarah's Stands.

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