A White Wedding with Maggie Austin

A White Wedding with Maggie Austin

White Wedding Cake Stand.

Maggie Austin brings her sense of grace and beauty to this impeccable cake that sits atop a White Wedding wedding cake stand from Sarah's Stands.

What inspired this amazing cake?

Maggie Austin: After a long winter, spring is finally in the air here in Washington DC. On one of my recent visits to the US Botanic Garden, I spotted a hummingbird sipping nectar from an early-bloomer. This design is an ode to the riot of flowers that the season brings (as well as my feathered friend who loves them as much as I do)! White Wedding Cake Stand Quote. White Wedding Cake Stands.

About Maggie Austin Cake: Renowned designer Maggie Austin is a trend-setter with a unique approach to the art of cake. Drawing inspiration from her first career as a classical ballet dancer, Ms. Austin’s designs display graceful symmetry and an intense attention to detail along with a playful approach to tradition. She brought her unique artistic vision to life when she launched Maggie Austin Cake in 2010 and has since reached a worldwide audience through extensive editorial media coverage including newspapers, magazines, blogs, and television. In her Alexandria, Virginia studio, Ms. Austin creates couture cakes and teaches decoration and sugar flower construction to students all over the globe both through hands-on workshops and as an instructor on Craftsy.

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