Get Starry Eyed Over Oven Art Designer Cake

Get Starry Eyed Over Oven Art Designer Cake

Silver Wedding Cake Stand. Lisa Cunningham of Oven Art Designer Cake has created a sensational sugary confection to top off a Starry Eyed wedding cake stand from Sarah's Stands.

What inspired the design of this spectacular cake?

Oven Art Designer Cake: The cascading row of fuchsia colored Ranunculus was inspired from the many bridal bouquets I've seen on the web. I incorporated a fuchsia ranunculus on one of my most recent wedding cakes. The silver tipped ruffles along with the splashes of silver throughout the cake was inspired by the color name of the cake stand, "Starry Eyed." Silver Wedding Cake Stand Quote   Silver Wedding Cake Stands.

About Oven Art Designer Cake: Lisa Cunningham founded Oven Art Designer Cake studio with a vision to design world-class custom confections that taste as incredible as they look. During her training at the Rel Maples Institute for Culinary Arts, Lisa chose to focus on the pastry side of the culinary industry. Upon graduation, Lisa went on to hone her skills as Pastry Chef of the Sacajawea Hotel in Bozeman, MT. During her stay in Montana, she applied and was accepted to attend the prestigious Bonnie Gordon School of Cake Design in Toronto. It was there that Lisa was then discovered and privileged to work for world-renowned cake designer Maggie Austin. Training under such elite cake designers inspired Lisa to open her own studio, Oven Art Designer Cake, in downtown Maryville, TN. Want to learn how to make sugar flowers? Check out Lisa's website here for a complete class schedule.

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