Sarah's Holiday Stocking Stuffer Guide for Bakers

Sarah's Holiday Stocking Stuffer Guide for Bakers

The holiday gift giving season is once again upon us and you have begun your annual quest for the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  Before you become Alice diving so deep down that internet shopping rabbit hole that you starting YouTubing pipe smoking caterpillars, let me show you what I've found and, hopefully, save you some time.

 Below are the best stocking stuffers for all those sweet bakers on your list. These holiday gifts are all under $30 and they will make every baker smile. So, snatch them up, get off the computer, and get back to where you belong...decorating those delicious cookies.   Also, check out:  Sarah’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers.  

Sarah's Gift Guide for Bakers  

#1. OVEN RACK GUARD  - We’ve all been burned by the kitchen oven but the madness ends now! This handy guard is a simple way to prevent those classic burn lines on the forearm. I like this design because it snaps easily onto any oven rack. And, nothing let's the baker in your life know you care for them like a gift that stops them from burning themselves.

#2. COOKIE SCOOP - Are half your cookies the size of quarters and the other half the size of the north pole? Well, the insanity stops now with this little tool. This is the secret to making perfectly uniform cookie shapes and sizes. And, this one by OXO is available in different sizes so you can choose just the right one. The perfect holiday helper for any baker.

Sarah's Holiday gift guide for bakers

#3. PURE VANILLA EXTRACT - If you are a true lover of bake goods then you know that no imitation vanilla from the grocery store belongs in your goodies. Only pure vanilla extract will do. Every baker I know swears by this brand in particular. So, help a baker out and gift them the good stuff.

#4. VALRHONA GRAND CRU GUANAJA 70% CHOCOLATE - Everyone loves chocolate but sometimes not any old chocolate will do. This is the baking chocolate of choice for professionals to make the best cookies, cakes and more. And, this right here is the secret ingredient for making the best chocolate chip cookies of the season.

Sarah's Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers

#5. PIE CRUST BAG - Just roll, roll, roll your way to the perfect piecrust. Create a disk of dough in the same thickness and diameter just like a pro. Ingenious! Give the gift that will help your baker keep rolling along. #6. CRAFTSY CLASS GIFT CARD - All the bakers that I know love to learn new techniques, that’s what keeps them excited and baking all those goodies. Encourage their passion with a Craftsy gift card for an online baking class taught by the world’s best instructors.

Sarah's Holiday gift guide for bakers

  #7. CAKE SIGNS -  What is in this? Is this Apple or Cherry? Are there nuts in this? Save your baker from endless questions and get them a set of cake signs. This slick rewritable sign lets them easily label their goodies so everyone will know exactly what they are eating. This is a gift for the bakers and the eaters in your life.

Sarah's Holiday Gift Guide

  #8. MASON JAR COOKIE COMPANY - Give your baker the gift of something sweet and custom made just for them. Select from an array of yummy goodies to create and personalize your very own cookie mix. Available in a cute mason jar or soft pouch.

Sarah's Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers

#9. OFFSET SPATULAS - With this little gift you can help the bakers in your life stay smooth. This beauty is perfect for frosting cakes and creating that smooth buttercream finish. You can never have too many of these around. I suggest starting with the 8” size.

#10. CAKE TESTER - I think it’s time to upgrade from the box of toothpicks and instead use this tried and true cake tester. Keep it hanging by the oven and simply pull a piece of corn straw off of the bunch. This gift will help your baker get their goodies to turn out just perfect every time.   Need more gift ideas for under the tree? I've made another list of sweet gifts bakers will love this holiday season right here, Sarah’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers.

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