Sarah's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers

Sarah's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers

Let the holiday shopping begin! That's right, here we go again. Another panic fueled race to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Well, before you start throwing your laptop into the fireplace with the chestnuts, let me take a few gifts off your list. I searched high and low and found the best gifts for all the bakers in your life.

Below are the top ten gifts that will make every baker happy. So, cozy up by the fire, grab some spiced eggnog, click a couple of links and let's do this.   Also, check out: Sarah’s Holiday Stocking Stuffer Guide for Bakers.  

Sarah's Holiday gift Guide  

#1. CAKE STAND (of course!) - I know you know…I make cake stands so I'm biased! But if there is one thing you will never hear a baker say is, "I have too many great ways to display my sweets." Cake stands are the final piece that make a baker's hard work look (almost) too perfect to eat. So, could you do me and your baker a favor and buy one and share it with everyone you know? Fantastic. That would be great. Now you have a gift that makes me and your baker as happy as the family dog that just got a piece of the christmas ham. Oh, and if you are not sure which one to get, we have gift cards, too!

Sarah's Holiday gift guide for bakers

#2. CAKE SHOES - Sometimes a baker likes to step out of the bakery so, when they do, make sure they are looking good in these deliciously playful shoes. Shoe Bakery created a collection of shoes inspired by cakes that will have everyone ooohing and aaahing. You can take the woman out of the bakery but you can't take the bakery out of the woman.

Sarah's Holiday gift guide for bakers

#3. KITCHEN TABLET STAND - Bakers work hard and sometimes they need a little help. Give the baker in your life the gift of an extra hand with this hands-free tablet stand. Now they can see exactly what's in the recipe without leaving their tablet in the spill zone.

#4. EMBOSSED ROLLING PIN - This gift will warm your baker's heart for years. A kitchen essential that could easily become an incredible heirloom. This one embosses your dough in a beautiful flower pattern, perfect for cookies, pies and fondant.

Rolling Pin

#5. EGG SEPARATOR - One of the cutest ways I’ve seen to separate eggs. Clever little handmade pot designed to strain the egg yolk through the slot. Never accidentally drop eggshell into your recipe again!

#6. COPPER BEATING BOWL - Mauviel's Copper Beating Bowl is the gift that will really make your baker smile. These bowls are a truly coveted item by bakers since egg proteins are stronger and more flexible when whisked in a copper vessel. So help out your baker by helping them keep their egg proteins strong.

Sarah's Holiday gift guide for bakers

#7. CAKE SLICING KIT - Frieling Layer Cake Slicing Kit is a crafty tool that is an ideal gift for the clever baker in your life. Create precise, even layers every time in no time flat.

#8. BAKEWARE SET - Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch® Bakers Dream 25-Piece Bakeware Set is a professional non-stick bakeware set that is a dream for the at-home baker. With its even heat distribution, guaranteed flawless release, and quick cleanup this set will last for many years of holiday baking.

Sarah's Holiday gift guide for bakers

#9. BAKING APRON - Every women likes to look good, even when baking. And, bakers can never have too many pretty aprons, am I right? Add one more to the collection with one of these scrumptious designs by Anthropologie. I’m loving this one in particular with its rustic design and cross back straps.

#10. WOOD DIECUT ARTWORK - All the lists recommend a Kitchen Aid mixer as a baker's gift but I’m stepping it up a notch with a cool artwork piece instead. Why not add a little extra style to your baker's kitchen with this fun and inspiring design? Oh, and they have other bakery items in the shop, too!   Need more gift ideas to stuff the stockings? I’ve made another list of sweet little gifts bakers will love this holiday season right here, Sarah’s Holiday Stocking Stuffer Guide for Bakers.

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