3 Friends Having Dessert: #28: The Best Dessert For Two!

3 Friends Having Dessert: #28: The Best Dessert For Two!

V-day is almost here so what do you got planned for your sweetheart? How about the perfect dessert for two? This week the trio quest to create the ultimate dessert ment for sharing between two: Lovercakes! Give it a listen and find out what the lovercakes are all about.

3 Friends Having Dessert is the podcast that answers all the dessert questions you never knew you had. Sarah, Aaron, and Derek, the owners of Sarah's Stands, get together every week to explore the dessert world's sweet secrets and indulgent cravings.

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Red Velvet Pancakes  

Make your own lover cakes!

I can't recommend the Red Velvet pancake mix from World Market Cost Plus enough They are so good! But feel free to use your mix of choice. For the Vanilla Bean Sauce I have the easiest homemade recipe for you. Check out Pretty Simple Sweet's 3 Ingredient recipe.  All you need is Heavey Cream, Granulated Sugar, and Vanilla Extract. Boil those suckers together and you have one of the finest vanilla sauces I have ever had. Throw plenty of raspberries on top (don't be shy  you don't want to have to fight over them with your lover). Trust my these lover cakes are perfect any time of day and so much fun to make as a couple.

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