3 Friends Having Dessert Podcast #34: HamantaschWHAT????

3 Friends Having Dessert Podcast #34: HamantaschWHAT????

This week we answer the question "What is going on with Hamantaschen cookies?" These funky triangle cookies look like some dry flavorless cookie that you politely eat so as not to offend grandma. But actually these cookies are steeped in a rich history and tradition that might make you think twice about saying "no thanks, I am gluten free." Give it a listen and find out "HamantaschWHAT???"

3 Friends Having Dessert is the podcast that answers all the dessert questions you never knew you had. Sarah, Aaron, and Derek, the owners of Sarah's Stands, get together every week to explore the dessert world's sweet secrets and indulgent cravings.

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