Sarah's Finds: Reclaimed Wood Platforms & Plateaus

Sarah's Finds: Reclaimed Wood Platforms & Plateaus

From time to time, I discover a new find so wonderful that I am compelled to share it. These platforms and plateaus are so striking and are unlike any other cake stands on the market that I had to see what my amazing customers could do with them. The reclaimed wood from the 1800's has been crafted using old world techniques and will make your desserts dazzle. I am so excited to see all the creative and amazing uses you will find for these wonderful cake stands.

Reclaimed Wood Cake Stands


Crafted from Reclaimed Wood


Reclaiming wood is the process of taking wood from old barns, shipping crates, and wine casts then crafting it into something new. Reclaimed wood comes with a history and character that will be passed along to your treats. The beautiful texture and color of the wood will give your desserts a warm and unique. The wood is also food safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly so you can feel great about using them.

Rustic Cake Platforms


These plateaus are the definition of country chic. The reclaimed wood gives it a rustic beauty while the craftmanship provides a sophistication that would fit in anywhere.
They will make your treats irresistible. They are strong enough to hold your heavy multi-tiered cakes, elegant enough to display your everyday treats, and delightful enough to display your party snacks. These plateaus come in 14 inch round, 18inch round, and 12 inch square (all sizes are approximate due to the nature of reclaimed wood).

Versatile Cake Platforms


These platforms are the perfect blend of modern design and old world charm. The natural reclaimed wood side and the white finished wood side give you different options for how you would like to display your desserts. They fit right in at your vineyard wedding, your massive wedding hall, or sharing cheese and grapes with friends. These platforms are solid robust pieces that can handle the weight of even the heaviest of sweet treats. They are available in a 14 inch size in both round and square (all sizes are approximate due to the nature of reclaimed wood).

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