Mrs. Bell Presents The New Wedding Bell Cake Stands

Mrs. Bell Presents The New Wedding Bell Cake Stands

Hello Lovelies, 

My name is Mrs. Bell and I am here to tell you all about Sarah’s new cake stands, the Wedding Bell Collection. When I was planning my wedding, I knew I wanted a big, bold, beautiful cake and if I was gonna have a big, bold, beautiful cake then I needed the biggest, boldest, beautifulest cake stand out there. So, Sarah created the Wedding Bell cake stand just for my wedding. And, let me tell you, if these cakes stands worked for my wedding then you better believe these cake stands will look amazing at yours.

As you can see, I was pretty happy when I first saw the cakes stands.

These beautiful cake stands come in five perfect colors:

  • Heart of Gold - Why, yes, I do!
  • White WeddingOf course it was ;)
  • Black Tie Affair - Like all my affairs...
  • Minty FreshEven first thing in the morning.
  • Pretty in Pink - Pretty in all things, actually.

And, don’t you worry your pretty little head about the weight of your cake because these Wedding Bell cake stands will hold your cake with ease. Why? Two words: Carbon Steel. Carbon-freakin-STEEL. If this cake stand can’t hold your cake then your cake is probably made from lead and you might want to look into getting a new cake.

Solid Cake Stands

These Wedding Bell cake stands are an impressive 14 inches in diameter and 10 inches in height. And, at 2 5/8 inches tall myself, I know every inch counts! 

Now, it's time to stop dawdling over my wedding photos and get yourself the cake stand you deserve.

Shop now for your Wedding Bell cake stand

And, enjoy your special day!

- Mrs. Bell

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Oct 23, 2016

Hi hope you can help me, I need a cake stand round (16inches ), gold? or what colour would you suggest, its for a wedding. Do you have one? and how much? I like gold and silver!!!!!!!!!!!


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