Sarah's Ultimate Gift Guide for Bakers

Sarah's Ultimate Gift Guide for Bakers

The holiday season is back and along with it comes all the jollies, festivities and yearly traditions. Traditions like Christmas ham, special eggnog, the Yule log burning on the TV, and the shopping vow. You remember the shopping vow, right? You vow to get all your gift shopping done early and then laugh like a jolly, old fat man while all your friends and family, who waited until the last minute to shop, run around like frantic elves. The only problem is that this never happens. Instead, you always find yourself with all the other last-minute shoppers, dashing down the store aisles like a reindeer working on Rudolf's crew. 

But this is your year to make your shopping vow a reality! Why? Because I believe in you. And, because I searched high and low to find the perfect gifts that will make all the bakers on your list oh-so happy. So, sit back, relax and shop! And, if you have any dessert lovers on your gift shopping list, I got your back with some sweet-toothed gift ideas for them, too. Check out the gift list in Sarah's Ultimate Dessert Lovers Gift Guide.

Baker's Gift guide

Natural Beauty Cake Stand - Our most sought-after cake stand makes the perfect splurge gift for the baker in your life. These cake stands are beautifully crafted from natural sustainable wood. The nature of the material makes each one unique, just like the sweet treats you will get to eat off of one.

Cake Stands for Bakers

Hand Carved Cookbook Holder - This cookbook stand is an incredible piece of functional art that will make any baker proud to put it out on display. Plus, it's the perfect companion to my Natural Beauty Cake Stand (wink, wink).

The Conversion Apron - In all likelihood, converting recipe measurements is not your baker's favorite task but I bet wearing a cute apron is. The Smart Baker created this apron that features an easy to follow chart so bakers don't need to stress about how many tablespoons are in an ounce. They can just look down on their apron and carry on with crafting a batch of sweet treats.

The Baking Bible - This book is the magnum opus of Rose Levy, the Diva of Desserts. It's the most comprehensive baking book on the market. And, it's perfect for both beginner bakers to seasoned pros. Amen, and pass the cookies.

The Pancake Bot
- The future is now with the world's first 3D food printer. This is the perfect gift for the trendy, tech-loving baker on your list. Create any design you can dream up or download one of several pre-made designs. The sky is the limit when you have a Pancake Bot. Now, where is my hoverboard?

Baking Jewelry - This beautiful necklace features a popular set of baker inspired charms. Perfect for your favorite baker to show off their baking pride, even when they are not in the kitchen.

Kitchen Aid Mixer Vinyl Decals - These awesome decals are designed to let your baker mix their batter in style. Select a funny saying or an inspirational quote. Have something else in mind? These decals are made to order so create a custom design which can be placed anywhere on the mixer. My personal fave? "Whip It, Whip It Good."

The Bling Mixer - This is for the baker who loves everything sparkly. Because, really, you can never have too much bling and these mixers prove it! Bling Diva Designs creates the most blinged-out mixers on the planet. All created by hand, there is no better way for your baker to get their bling, bling on.

"Bakers Gonna Bake" Sweatshirt - In life, some things are just true. Haters gonna hate. And, bakers gonna bake. This shirt is a must-have for bakers and Taylor Swift alike. 

Best Boards These white, acrylic cake boards are crafted to seamlessly blend into a Sarah's Stands cake stand for a more professional look. Help your baker take their baking game up to the next level and stock them with a few of these reusable boards. 
Good luck shopping for the baker on your gift list. And, happy holidays!

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