10 Tips for Displaying Your Wedding Cake

10 Tips for Displaying Your Wedding Cake

You've scoured the internet and every wedding magazine you can get your hands on and, finally, you've found the photo of the perfect wedding cake. You talked with your cake designer and you even know what flavors you want in your cake. Is there anything else you need to do before the big day? Yes! Here are some tips to keep in mind when displaying your wedding cake:

#1  Find a Cake Stand
I know, I know, I'm biased when it comes to cake stands but it is the secret weapon that will make all of your guests ooh-and-aah over your wedding cake. You've spent all that time (and money) on your wedding cake and you can't just have it sit on a table. A cake stand is the perfect finishing touch as it will add height and drama to the presentation. {Don't have a cake stand yet? You can find that perfect wedding cake stand here.}

Pink Cake Stand

Added Bonus: Your cake stand will make all the future celebrations in your new, happily married life that much sweeter.

#2  Use the Right Size Cake Stand
Get that picture perfect look like you see in wedding magazines. Your wedding cake stand should be the same size or a little bigger than the bottom tier of your cake. Go bigger if you plan to have decorations, like flowers, around the cake. You can find 10", 12", 14", 16" & 18" cake stand sizes right here.

Did you know? A cake stand makes smaller cakes look bigger. If you're on a budget, this is a simple way to add some oomph to your cake presentation.

#3  Discuss the Size of Your Cake Board
A cake board is a large cardboard "plate" that is used to build your cake on and transportation it to your wedding venue. Talk with your cake designer to make sure the cake board is the same size as the cake stand you will be using. You can find the perfect Cake Board now!

#4  Decorate Your Cake Board
There's nothing worse than seeing a naked cake board sticking out from the bottom of a cake. It's like a woman whose slip is showing from underneath her dress. Ask your cake designer to decorate the cake board to match your cake. Better yet, have the cake board "disappear" by incorporating it into the bottom tier of your cake. These cake boards are perfect for this look, get one now!

Silver Cake Stand

Need more help with your cake board? Check out these 3 Cake Board Looks For Your Wedding Cake.

#5   Location, Location, Location
Think about where your cake will be displayed in the room. Your cake will be on display from the beginning of the night so it should be a focal point of the room.

#6   Get A Cake Table That Fits
Make sure your cake table is the right proportion to the size of your cake. If it's too big, your cake will look dwarfed in comparison and lose its impact. Too small of a table and your cake could be an accident waiting to happen. You don't want a tipsy uncle bustin' a move and knocking over your masterpiece.

#7  Highlight Your Cake
A spotlight on your cake can make a really big impact. Just make sure the light is not too hot or your cake will melt.

Large Cake Stand

#8  Keep It Simple
Your cake table decorations should be simple so as not to distract from your cake. A few candles, your bridal bouquet and a solid color table linen is all you need.

#9  Unify the Look
If you are doing a dessert table, there should be three key display pieces that unify the overall look of your table. The rest of the pieces can either match or be a mix of other colors from your wedding. Start by choosing your main centerpiece, like one of these, and build from there.

#10  Taste Does Matter
Make sure your cake is absolutely delicious. You don't want to spend all that money on a cake that tastes only so-so or worse, bland. This is one of the last impressions your guests will experience of your wedding day so make it a good one.

Not all of these tips apply to all weddings but just following a few of them will make your cake one of the most memorable moments of your big day.

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