3 Cake Board Looks For Your Wedding Cake

3 Cake Board Looks For Your Wedding Cake

The cake board is often an overlooked detail in the presentation of a wedding cake. The cake board is a solid disc that your cake is placed on to help transport it safely to the venue. It is important to decide how the cake board will look with your wedding cake as it can affect the overall impact of the cake. Check out some of the best cake boards. There are the three choices for cake board looks:

Look #1 : Hidden Magic

This cake design by Maggie Austin Cake is by far my favorite choice as the cake board is the same size as the cake. See how Maggie covered the cake board with the white ruffle at the bottom? By incorporating the cake board into the bottom tier of the cake, the cake board disappears and it gives a seamless transition from the cake to the cake stand. If you want a magazine-worthy wedding cake then the Hidden Magic look is for you.

For this look, your cake board, bottom cake tier and cake stand should all be the same size. Common cake boards sizes are 10", 12", 14", 16" & 18". You can find cake stands in the exact same sizes here. And matching cake boards here

Black Cake Stand

Look #2: The Peek-A-Boo

In this look, you can see the cake board peeking out from beneath the cake. It is the most common look because it is easier for your baker to transport the cake to the venue. If the Peek-A-Boo is the look you decide to go for, try to have the cake board decorated to compliment your cake. As you can see in this cake design by Sugar Song Cakes, the purple ribbon in the cake is used on the cake board. This small detail helps incorporate the cake board into the overall design.

For this look, choose a cake board that is 1-2 inches bigger than the bottom cake tier. The cake board and cake stand should be the same size.

White Cake Stand

Look #3: The Cliffhanger

As the name implies, this look involves a large cake board that hangs over the cake stand. This cake design by Charm City Cakes is absolutely darling with its John Hughes-Sixteen Candles theme. And, I love how the cake board is decorated with the pink glitter. However, the Cliffhanger is my least favorite look because it makes the cake look precariously situated on the cake stand. It also hides the cake stand making the whole point of using one fruitless. Additionally, using a large cake board makes the cake look smaller. My suggestion would be to talk with your baker about the size of the cake board that will be used on your wedding cake.

For this look, use a cake board that is larger than the bottom cake tier and the cake stand.

Hot Pink Cake Stand

Extra Tip: When choosing a wedding cake stand, make sure it can hold the weight of your wedding cake. Some cake stands are not meant to support large tiered cakes, like many wedding cakes. Look for a cake stand weight chart and confirm with your baker that the cake stand you have chosen is a good match for your cake.

Remember: Sarah's Stands cake stands are designed to hold the weight of large tiered cakes. You can find yours here. And our cake boards are perfect for all three looks

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