Say Cheese! A Mac & Cheese Cake

Say Cheese! A Mac & Cheese Cake

I know my area of expertise lies in wedding cake stands, not baking, so please be kind when it comes to my recent attempt at creating a culinary work of art; a Mac & Cheese Cake. This savory masterpiece was inspired by my father-in-law's birthday and his love of a childhood favorite: macaroni and cheese. It's my favorite, too, and in that regards we are kindred spirits. Call it a moment of insanity or inspiration, but here is my cheesy delight.

Pedestal Cake Stand

I used the absolute best macaroni and cheese recipe (you must try it, really, it's that good) and baked it in springform pans measuring 6", 8" & 9". {And, yes, that is a Sarah's Stands cake stand. You can find it here.}

Modern Cake Stands

After storing the tiers in the refrigerator overnight to firm up, I whipped up another batch of roux from the recipe and used it as a 'paste' for the shredded cheese.

Large Wedding Cake Stands

Once that was completed, I simply stacked the tiers and added the birthday candles. Voila! A Mac & Cheese Cake.

Of course, the presentation would not be complete without the proper cake stand. The Starry Eyed Silver Cake Stand adds that celebratory touch that is just perfect for a birthday {you can find this cake stand here}.

Silver Cake Stands

And, my father-in-law's reaction to all that yummy goodness? Let's just say I won the Daughter-In-Law of the Year award. He was in heaven with about enough macaroni and cheese to last him a week.

Wedding Cake Stand

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