April Sweets: Wedding Cake Fails and Tiny Cakes

April Sweets: Wedding Cake Fails and Tiny Cakes

April is over and with it the end of the first month of quarantining for most of us. The wedding industry has all but stopped over the last month. I know our sales are down 98% compared to the last year. That is not a typo, we are currently only doing 2% of the sales we usually do, so I feel your pain. Do I think the wedding industry will come back; of course. Will it look the same as it did? Very unlikely. I suspect we are going to see much smaller weddings for the next year or two. Not just because of the virus, but because people will be hurting financially.  I could be wrong and this fall/winter we could see a massive wedding boom. But seeing as my crystal ball is broken, I am going to try and give you some fun distractions in this month's April Sweets:


Wedding Cakes Disasters

You know I am usually all about amazing cakes, stunning sugar art, and truly spectacular feats of dessert magic. But since we are living in an upside-down world, its time to check out the other side. Let's celebrate the wedding cake mishaps. Now more than ever we could use a good laugh so let's check out some cakes that missed the mark. Now I don't share these to mock the creators. This is hopefully a laugh with and not at the situation. We have all made mistakes or played the part of the fool. Hopefully, we all learn from our mistakes, but when we can maybe we can at least make others laugh at our mishaps. Naturally, we have to start with a buzzfeed list. Number 11 especially made me chuckle because of the time they spent to get those cakes stands. Now this one is particularly fun because we get the entire story. Hopefully, the marriage is going well and this is a funny story they tell at parties. Of course, sometimes it's not the baker's fault. Sometimes the wedding cake mishaps happen during the wedding. Check out this montage of some of the best/worst wedding cake blunders.




Tiny Wedding cake

In our industry what usually catches people's attention is the big bold cakes. The towering masterpieces of sugar tend to get all the attention. But what happens when you go the other way. When you make something small, cute, yet still a multi-tier cakes. Cakes by MK released a video of her making a 3 tier wedding cake that is under 10 inches tall. That cake is beautiful done and watching her cut the tiny tiers is my favorite part. The cake is so well done that if you saw a picture of it with nothing to give you a frame of reference it looks like a regular full-sized wedding cake.  Very cool!  


A Cake That Caught My Eye

This month a cake that caught my eye is this mid-century-modernesque cake from the talented Katelin Hayes. I love the nice hard gold line that crosses over two tiers of the cake. The flowers are also an interesting choice. Usually, flowers are done with a bright and cheery look. These have a dark more muted quality that better fits this cake. Also the way the flowers parallel the gold/white line is very visually pleasing. The Natural Beauty Cake Stand is an interesting choice for this style cake. My first instinct would be a Simply Stunning Black cake stand, but the wood is a better tie in with the flowers. Well done!

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Some Good News

So my biggest distraction during the pandemic has been this wonderful Youtube show, Some Good News. John Krasinski, from The Office and husband of Emily Blount, has created a news program entirely dedicated to good news and happy stories. It is quite charming and a good reminder of the many good things still out there in the world. You might particularly enjoy the most recent episode where he has celebrity chefs make home recipes given to him by viewers. If you need a little upbeat charm in your life, and who doesn't really, check it out! 


Question of the Month

Each month to try and better understand the wedding cake world I ask a question, and then share the answer the next month. Last month I was curious to know about cake design and dresses:

Have you ever designed a wedding cake based on the bride's dress?

  • 83%  - Yes
  • 17%  - No

That's awesome that so many of you have done a wedding cake based on the brides dressed. If you have pictures please share them on Instagram and tag me, I wan to see them. It's an impressive feat of artistry to find the essence of a thing and then bring that essence to another medium. That the two things be the same yet can also stand alone as their own pieces. I told you I loved the dress inspired cakes.

This month I want to ask you about cake fails:


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