August Sweets: Tres Leches Wedding Cake & 49 Year Old Cake

August Sweets: Tres Leches Wedding Cake & 49 Year Old Cake

August is finished and we are moving on from the summer of 2019. So as summer drifts away and business starts to slow down it can be a good time to consider new opportunities. I am not sure if you saw last month's Sweets, but DIY wedding cakes are on the upswing. So if you find yourself booking fewer wedding cakes, it's possible you are getting caught up in this trend. My small suggestion, maybe now is the time to start teaching classes at your bakery for all these DIY baking brides. Well with that said let’s take a look at the August Sweets:


Tres Leches Wedding Cake

This delicious and amazingly moist "three milk" cake is rarely seen at weddings because it doesn't stack well in multi-tiered wedding cakes. But this past month there was a big spike in the term "Tres Leches Wedding Cake" which means in the near future a bride is going to walk into your bakery asking for one. You can either tell them it's not possible or you can be their hero and say "I got you." The best bakers are constantly looking to find that next challenge and this is a doozy of one for you to tackle. But don't worry! I found some help for you. This blog post from Love Cake Bake gives some great pointers on how to make a 3 tiered tres leches wedding cake. And this form post from 2009 on Cake Central had a number of helpful hints on how to pull it off. Just make sure to bring some extra help to lift it as it is even heavier than a normal wedding cake (but don't worry your Sarah's Stand cake stand can still easy support it).


Couple Still Eating 49-year-Old Wedding Cake

Sometimes I run across a story so fun I have to share it and this is one of them. This couple that was married in 1970 for the past 49 years has eaten a bite of their wedding cake every year on their anniversary. And this year they are finally down to the crumbs, which they are having baked into another cake for their 50th anniversary so they can start the entire process over. Think about that the next time you are making a wedding cake. It is possible that 50 years from now someone will still be eating that cake. For the full story check out the write up they got in Today.


A Cake That Caught My Eye

This month the cake that caught my eye is this massive tower of sugar art from Colin O'Dea Cakes. It's 5 tall tiers of beautiful sugar art. I love the clean crisp lines, classic gold leafing, and having it all softened with big sugar flowers. The cake also looks perfect for the venue and even fits in with the bride's gown. Stunning work for Colin on one of my Simply Stunning cake stands. To see more great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram.


Can a Cake Stand Support My Wedding Cake

Despite doing this for almost 10 years on occasion I still, hear concerns about my cake stands supporting their wedding cakes. The short answer is "Yes they can with no problem". Quality cake stands like mine will have no problem supporting the weight of your wedding cake. A quality cake stand is made from high-quality materials so it can easily hold the weight of your cake and look good doing it. Ceramic and most types of glass are too weak when they are larger than 12 inches and will not be able to hold your heavy wedding cake. Which is why I make my cake stand from metal or wood to support heavy multi-tiered wedding cakes.  If you, your baker or your clients have any concerns about my cakes stand supporting the weight I wrote of this blog post to help alleviate that those concerns. And of course, you can always contact us directly to answer any question or concerns you might have.

Question of the Month

Last month I was curious to know about the number of cakes you make in a month so I asked:

How many cakes do you make in an average month?

  • 25%  - 1-5
  • 25%  - 5-10
  • 18%  - 10-15
  • 11%  - 15-20
  • 21%  - 20+

So the two things that jump out to me are the majority of you make 10 or less cakes a month and over 20% of you make 20+ a month. For those making 20+ all I have to say is wow. You are cake making machines and I hope you have some help in your bakery. 

This month, in light of the 49-year-old wedding cake I want to ask you about couples asking to preserve a layer of cake :

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