August Sweets: Weed Wedding Cakes and New Chocolate

August Sweets: Weed Wedding Cakes and New Chocolate

With August over, it's official. We are now into the season of pumpkin spice, falling leaves, and comfy clothes layers. And, I wanted to share something I discovered recently in my efforts to keep on top of the ever-changing wedding trends. The internet searches for purple and lavender wedding cakes spiked in August. Now, maybe it's just sound and fury signifying nothing. Or, maybe purple is back. Guess we will know which one it is in about six months. In the meantime, it's time for the August Sweets:


New Type of Chocolate

Holy jackpot! There is a new type of chocolate in town! Until now, there were essentially three types of chocolate - dark, milk, and white. Now, there's a fourth chocolate - ruby. Barry Callebaut, one of the world's largest cocoa producers and grinders, has been working since 2004 on a new type of chocolate. This new chocolate is made from the ruby cocoa bean, resulting in a distinct red color and a different flavor. It is described as "sweet yet sour" or "reminiscent of a berry you’ve never tasted before."  For you bakers out there, don't be surprised if you start getting requests for a ruby chocolate wedding cake. If you want to know all about Ruby Chocolate, here is a great write up in the New York Times.

Ruby Chocolate Cake Stand


Weed Wedding Cakes

With cannabis becoming legal in several states in the United States, it was inevitable that it would find its way into weddings and, more specifically, wedding cakes. There was even a write up this past month in The Knot and Woman's Day about it. I do, however, think there needs to be a ground rule for marijuana-infused desserts: clear obvious labels! If you want to check out one of these new specialty cakes, here you go


A Cake That Caught My Eye

This delicious sugar art from Once Upon a Cake looks like an impressionist watercolor painting transformed into a cake. I love the chic marble effect and how the color palette is used to blend the cake board into my Sweet & Low Cake StandTo see more great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram. 

White Cake Stand


Best Cake Boards™ + Cake Safe

If you regularly transport large cakes and you haven't invested in a Cake Safe yet then you are missing out. This ingenious invention makes cake transportation so much easier and less stressful. And, for those of you that already invested in one (or several) of my Best Cake Boards™, you will be thrilled to know that they are a perfect fit for Cake Safes. Pretty sweet, huh? When you spend countless hours creating amazing cakes, it's a relief to know you will be able to deliver your cakes safely without any fear of damage.  


Question of the Month

Last month, I asked the vital question about how you indulge in ice cream during the summer heat. And, here are the results!

What is your favorite way to eat ice cream on a hot summer day?

  • 16.2% - In a Pint
  • 70.2% - In a Cone
  • 6% - On a Stick 
  • 4% - In a Shake
  • 3.6% - In a Sundae

The iconic ice cream cone comes in with a crushing victory. Clearly, the classic cone on a hot summer day never goes out of fashion. For me, it was a toss-up between the cone and shake! 

This month, I got a question for all of you that have to transport big cakes:

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