February Sweets: 24 lbs Cheese Cake & Artist Buys Trump Wedding Cake

February Sweets: 24 lbs Cheese Cake & Artist Buys Trump Wedding Cake

February is finally leaving us and, fingers crossed, with it goes this polar vortex. Brrr! Seriously, can we be done with winter already? I live in Vegas, a place that is supposed to be void of cold weather, yet here I sit staring at an inch of snow covering my cactus garden. I can hear the folks from Chicago who just survived sub-artic temperatures laughing at me now. So, let's get some hot cocoa and move along to the February Sweets:


Costco Cheese Cake

I am not the biggest fan of non-cake wedding cakes but this unique concoction from Costco got my attention. The crazy minds of Costco have now brought us 24 lbs of stackable pre-packaged cheese rolls that can serve as a wedding cake. Can you believe it? All this cheese can be yours for the price of $439.99. Of course, I have a few questions. Is there a correct order they need to be stacked in? How easy is it to cut? Which layer should I cut? These are the cheese cake questions that haunt me. All I know for certain is the pictures would look a lot better if the cheese was stacked on one of my Natural Beauty Cake Stands, am I right? You can check out more details about the mighty cheese wedding stack from one of these savory write-ups here and here


Provocative Wedding Cake

This might be one of the most bizarre and provocative wedding cake stories I have ever heard. So, buckle up and get ready. Apparently, at Trump's third wedding in 2005, he gave out a mini version of his wedding cake to each guest as gifts. One of those guests saved the gift and, this past month, put the mini wedding cake up for auction. At auction, the mini wedding cake was purchased for $1,500 by the famous artist Andres Serrano. Now, I don't blame you if you don't know Andres Serrano by name but he is known in the art world for creating controversial pieces that involve his own urine. Although he did not state what he plans to do with the mini wedding cake, I suspect it will not be the last we hear of it. For details, check out the write up in the New York Post and the Washington Post.


A Cake That Caught My Eye

This darling cake is a wonderful blend of modern design and old-world sensibility. It has a soft gentleness yet projects strength. What can I say, I love the simple complexity of this Singapore sugar art from Roseraé Cake Boutique. You can check out more of her work on her Instagram page. To see other great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram.

Modern Cake on natural wood cake stand


Choosing a Wedding Cake Size

One of the many difficulties brides and grooms face when choosing a wedding cake is figuring out what size cake they need for the big day. How do you determine the right amount of cake to order for your guests? Do you want to save the top tier? Do you want to offer second servings? How thick will the slices be cut? There is a great debate even amongst bakers over what size wedding cake you should order. So, I poured through the various charts and write-ups to come up with my 3 Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Cake Size.  


Question of the Month

Last month, we delved into the slowly shifting color trends of the wedding world. Gold is currently in fashion but, as always happens, silver will have its turn again. To find the current taste for metallics, I asked:

When will Silver be more popular than Gold as a wedding color?

  • 13.3% - This year
  • 20% - Next year
  • 26.7% - Three to five years from now
  • 40% - In the far and distant future

I am in agreement with the majority of you. Wedding trends tend to move very slowly and I think we are at least three years away from a switch to silver. But, who knows, some pop culture event could make the switch happen sooner and the 13% will be right. That, my folks, is how the industry goes!

This month, I want to ask about an increasingly popular demand from today's couples:

survey service

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