December Sweets: Celebrity Wedding Cake Strategy and Nailed It

December Sweets: Celebrity Wedding Cake Strategy and Nailed It

December is at an end and with it comes the end of 2018. I hope it was a year that made you happy, healthy, and wise! Personally, I am not big on making resolutions but I do like to look back and be thankful for what has happened in the past year. In keeping with that sentiment, I want to say thank you. To everyone that purchased a cake stand, read our emails, and even liked a post, you helped make it another great year for all of us here at Sarah's Stands and we appreciate all of you so much. And, to everyone making resolutions, we wish you the best on your journey and, if things happen not to work out for whatever reason, please be sure to be kind to yourself. Now, let's take a look back at all the December Sweets!


Celebrity Wedding Cakes Strategy

Celebrity wedding cakes are often the most anticipated and shared cakes in the industry. Due to the crazy hype and publicity that surrounds them, I've found that bakers and their celebrity clients go in one of two ways when selecting their cake. This past month, we had two perfect examples. The first is to go way over the top and blow past expectations. At Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's wedding, they went with an 18-foot tall wedding cake and used a sword to cut it. It is truly bonkers and you should really check out the video of them slicing the first piece. The second way is to not even try to meet expectations but instead go with a minimalist, classic cake. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth went with this option at their late December wedding. To see the cake, check out the picture taken by Billy Ray, Miley's dad, on his Blackberry phone


Nailed It on Netflix

As a bride or groom, have you ever thought that you could recreate your baker's sugary masterpiece? As a baker, do you ever want to tell a client that if you think this is so easy then you do it? Well, have I got the show for you! You need to check out Nailed It on Netflix. The show challenges untrained amateur bakers to recreate sweet treats and then the hilarity and hijinx unfold. The third season was just released a few weeks ago with a holiday-themed list of sweets. It's a fun look into what happens when the shoe is on the other foot. Check out the trailer now.


A Cake That Caught My Eye

The holiday season always delivers a bevy of delightful holiday cakes. And, I particularly enjoyed this naughty one from Ardy Cakes in Alaska. I love how with a few strokes of a brush and a pop of color that a simple cake can turn into an extraordinary character. It's this kind of artistic work that could make your heart grow six sizes! To see more great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram 

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In case you missed the announcement, we're offering a pre-order sale right now. Get 20% OFF our Simply Stunning cake stands until Jan 6th. Our pre-order sales typically launch before new production runs and they are a great way to score a deal. The Simply Stunning cake stands are available in three colors, white, gold and black. And, they are available in two sizes, 14 inch and 16 inch. As always with our pre-order sales, the cake stands will ship after they have been made. For these cake stands, that will be late-March which is just in time for the rush of the summer wedding season! 

Question of the Month

Last month, we asked all the pro bakers out there how they handle the holiday cookie exchanges that happen every year. Let's check out the results!

As a pro baker, do you still make holiday cookies to give away?

  • 63.6% - Yes
  • 36.4% - No

I had no idea what to expect from this one and I was happy to see that the holiday season still inspires most of you to share your sugary delights. On the same note, if any of you still have some cookies you are looking to find a home for, please know that the Sarah's Stands office is a wonderful, caring place for all wayward cookies.

This month, let's take a look ahead to 2019 and see when business starts to ramp up for the bakers. We all know that the summer is the height of the wedding season but I want to know which month does the baking and delivering of wedding cakes really start to pick up and get busy. 

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