December Sweets: Royal Cakes and Supreme Cake Cases

December Sweets: Royal Cakes and Supreme Cake Cases

I know we are already a week into 2018 but I am just now finishing up my end of year look at 2017. And, what a fantastic year it was! We sold cake stands to 20 different countries around the globe, 48 states right here in the USA (come on, North and South Dakota, your cakes need stands, too!), and our cake stands were featured in 6 magazines. This year, I also had the pleasure of helping a friend set up their e-commerce store. If you are in the home rental market and need sheets, pillows, mattresses, etc, make sure to check out Airbnb Host Shop. And, most importantly, I want to say thank you so much for your support and cake stand love in 2017. I could not do this without you and I hope everyone has an amazing 2018! Now, on to the December Sweets:

The next royal wedding cake is bananas - Prince Harry was recently engaged to American Meghan Markle and details of their wedding cake have started to come out. Apparently, the two have a love affair with bananas and instead of the UK tradition of a fruitcake, they are going with a banana flavored sponge cake for their wedding. Yeah, I know, this is total tabloid dessert news but, come on, you know you want to be a part of a royal wedding cake. More royal cake details right here! By the way, does anyone know if the new royal couple needs a wedding cake stand?

The supreme court wedding cake case - For those unfamiliar, in 2012, a Colorado couple asked a local baker to make a cake for their wedding and the baker refused because the couple is gay. The couple filed a complaint and the case eventually reached the supreme court this December. The truly notable part was the baker's defense. Essentially, the baker stated that she is happy to sell the couple a cake, brownie, birthday cake or any other baked goods but her wedding cakes are her art and she doesn't want her art to support something she doesn't believe in and cannot support.

This case brings up several interesting questions, such as where the line is between artist and business owner and can a business owner-artist legally refuse a sale because of a belief system. These questions, along with a ton of others, are at the intersection between art, business, and the law. I am not sure I have the answers but the questions are certainly more complex the further you dig into them. What I do know is that Sarah's Stands fully supports LGBTQ rights. We have happily sold numerous cake stands for gay weddings and, with good fortune, will continue to do so. We also believe that wedding cake bakers are, without a doubt, artists. The rest, I think, I will leave to the lawyers.


A cake that caught my eye - This cake from Have Some Cake is a true work of art. I love the way it appears to be supported by the gold leaves and the architectural work at the top is stunning. My Sweet & Low Cake Stand is a perfect pairing because it elevates the cake but keeps a low profile so the focus stays on the cake's complex design. If you want to check out more beautiful cakes, I share them every day on Sarah's Stands Instagram account.


How not to cut your wedding cake - Everyone has advice on what you should do for your wedding, but sometimes it's more important what you don't do. Here's a post I wrote that offers some tips on how not to cut your wedding cake. If you're planning your wedding, this is solid advice for a 2018 cake cutting ceremony

Monthly Poll - Last month, we took a look at the infamous fruitcake and I have to say your answers surprised me. I asked, "Have you ever enjoyed a fruitcake?" And, your response was:

  • 46% - Yes
  • 30% - No
  • 24% - I enjoyed tossing it around the yard but I didn't eat it.

For the 46% that said yes I really need to try your fruitcake because clearly, I am missing out.
This month my question is:

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