Do I need a cake stand for my wedding cake?

Do I need a cake stand for my wedding cake?

Quick answer: Yes. 

The word need may be too strong a word. On the other hand, if you want your wedding cake to look its best, then you need a quality cake stand.

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Why do I need a cake stand for my wedding cake? 
A cake stand adds not only height, but drama to your wedding cake presentation. A cake stand can be the splash of color that pulls your overall cake design together. A cake stand can turn a simple cake design into a sublime masterpiece. I often say that a cake stand is like a perfect pair of high heels for a glamorous dress.

In a survey of wedding guests, the three most memorable elements of a wedding are the dress, the music, and the cake. So, if you are trying to make sure your wedding is memorable for your guests, then make sure to focus on all three of these elements. 

What should I look for in a wedding cake stand?
You need a quality cake stand that can support the weight of your cake and also look good doing it. Your cake stand should have a completely flat top plate to support your cake properly. If it has any kind of dip in the middle or edge detail, your cake might sag inward or lean over and topple.

Pay attention to the material of the cake stand. Ceramic and most types of glass cake stands are too weak when they are larger than 12 inches. These will not be able to hold your heavy wedding cake. Make sure to find out how much weight your cake stand can hold so you can avoid any potential cake disaster.

Also, make sure the design of the stand compliments your cake. You want the shape and color to elevate the cake and highlight the design, so that it draws attention and can be a focal point of your wedding reception. 

What size wedding cake stand do I need?
You will want to choose a cake stand that is the same size or bigger than the bottom tier of your cake. Most tiered wedding cakes are created on a cake board. Ideally, your cake board and cake stand will be the same size. When in doubt, a good rule of thumb is that your cake stand should be 2 inches larger than the bottom tier of your cake. This will leave you with one inch of space around your cake.  

Can a cake stand hold the weight of my wedding cake?
It really depends on the manufacturer and quality of the cake stand. Make sure to pick a reliable cake stand designer. You will spend a lot of time and money selecting your wedding cake. You want to be sure your cake stand will support the weight of your cake properly.

When in doubt, you can test your cake stand by stacking books or dumbbells on it. I recommend choosing a Sarah’s Stands cake stand because these cake stands are specifically designed to hold the weight of multi-tiered cakes.

Below is a snazzy weight chart to tell you the maximum weight recommended for each size Sarah's Stands cake stand.


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