January Sweets: World Champion Bakers and Cake Mixes

January Sweets: World Champion Bakers and Cake Mixes

I have been working hard here in cake stand land but I am about ready for Spring to be here. I am in desperate need of a big dose of Vitamin D. Just this week, we started production on our new line of cake stands and, if things go right, it looks like they will be coming with a new color. Now we just need to come up with the name! I am sure Derek, our head of logistics, will blurt out the perfect name any day now. He is surprisingly good at coming up with color names. I guess we all have hidden talents waiting to be set free. In the meantime, let's check out this month's sweets:

Ice Cream Donut Cone - Not only did I just learn this was a real thing, but I just discovered that the Donut Bar, only five minutes from my house, serves them on the regular. How have I not been told about this? Apparently, they have a location here in Las Vegas and in San Diego. So, once the weather warms up, I will definitely be indulging in this heavenly treat. (Now you can't wait for Spring either, am I right?)

Baker Spotlight - In case you missed it, we started our Baker Spotlight series this month. Our first feature was with the amazing Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings Cake Design. Rachael is a delightful interviewee and we learned all kinds of fun things, like her preference for buttercream or fondant, her biggest cake oops, and who her celebrity crush is (hint: he sings, dances, acts and does it all in sync). Find out all the fun details.

Want to be a World Champion Baker? - Well then, you better get yourself to a qualifier to make the US team that will compete for the championship. Over the next three months, there are three qualifying tournaments. Winners get a chance to compete in Milan, Itay, and potentially call themselves a World Champion Baker. I can't say I know a lot about the competition but it looks like a lot of fun. And, who doesn't want to go to Italy? For more info, check this out. 

A cake that caught my eye - This cake from Cakes Rock of Austin, Texas is a golden beauty. And, the pairing with my Heart of Gold Picture Perfect Cake Stand makes this cake suited for a royal affair. I found this cake when we were tagged in the picture on Instagram. So, make sure to tag your cake stand pics @sarahsstands because I love seeing them (and, fingers crossed, your cake could be featured here, too). Want to see more beautiful cakes like this? Then check out our IG profile.

Question of the Month - Last month, I asked, "What to do you think will be the most popular cake design trend in 2018?"

Here are the results:

  • 35.7% - Naked Cake
  • 17.9% - Metallic
  • 12% - Ombre
  • 10% - Monochrome
  • 10% - Classic White
  • 8% - Geometric
  • 6.4% - Ruffles

That sounds about right to me, except for the Classic White. No matter what else happens in the wedding world, classic white wedding cakes will always be a popular choice.

This month, I'm asking for your help to find the best grocery store cake mix. Because, let's face it, this gal is more of a premix, out of the box type baker so I need to know which one is the best:

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