July Sweets: Prank Cakes and Hipster Cakes

July Sweets: Prank Cakes and Hipster Cakes

I don't know about you but July is a scorcher here. Opening my front door is like sticking my head in an oven so I find myself partaking in more than my fair share of ice cream these days. Not wanting to completely ruin my gym hours, I searched out a healthier option than your typical pints which is how I found Halo Top Ice Cream. I am not a spokesperson for this company but check it out if you're in the same boat as me. Your waist and your taste buds will be pleased. Now, on with the July Sweets!


Prank Groom's Cake Trend

The gag groom's cake is becoming quite the trend, especially for Alamaba football loving grooms. While I suspect some of you are not big into sports, I still think you will appreciate the fun here. Like Romeo and Juliet, many couples come from opposite sides of a sports rivalry leading to intercouple shenanigans. This is especially true amongst die-hard college football fans. And, what better way to show your man whose boss than by pranking his groom's cake. The gag is simple. Order a pretty cake decorated in his team's colors and logo then secretly have the inside dyed to your team's colors. So, when the groom cuts into his cake, beaming with team spirit, it's the bride who gets the last laugh! Want to see the gag in action? Check it out.

prank groom's cake


 No More Hipster Wedding Cakes?

A few months ago, I took a look at all the cake alternatives that have been on display recently. This month, I ran across a wonderful op-ed in Delish magazine denouncing cake alternatives. I think it's best to just quote the author, Tess Koman, "I, a twenty-something woman who is in her prime wedding-going years, know there is no more universally loved dessert than cake, especially at the end of a night filled with sweaty, booze-fueled dancing and the vague dread that is the tangible passing of time. And, why wouldn't you give people what they want?" This got me thinking. You know, she has a point. Over and over again, surveys reveal that guests rank the cake as one of the top three most memorable moments from a wedding. So, I say, screw the donut cakes and cheese piles. Give the people what they want - CAKE! Check out the full article here.


 A Cake That Caught My Eye

This shimmery delight of a cake really pops on my Picture Perfect Heart of Gold Cake Stand. This cake was expertly crafted by Commonwealth Cakes of Charlottesville, Virginia. I love how the gold accents in the cake reflect the gold in the cake stand. To see more great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram.

gold cake stnad


 How to Freeze a Wedding Cake

The act of saving a piece of wedding cake to eat on the one year wedding anniversary is a time-honored newlywed tradition. It's a tradition that can also be ripe with bacteria and foul tasting cake if you fail to store it properly. My husband and I tried this tradition to less than stellar results. So, when I came across this article going over the ins and outs of cake freezing including some fun history thrown in, I was riveted! Want to know all about cake freezing? Check this out and satisfy your curiosity. 


Question of the Month

Last month, I asked you about an interesting concept, "Would you be interested in a rotating cake stand? (assuming a cost of $400+)" and the results were:

  • 78% - No
  • 22% - Yes

Well, that was a decisive and clear victory. You folks are not big fans of the rotating cake stand. I was not sure how I felt about it myself so a big thank you to everyone that took the time to vote!

This month, I am asking something a little more fun for all you ice cream lovers out there:

survey service

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