July Sweets: Top Google Searches & Cake Cutting Songs

July Sweets: Top Google Searches & Cake Cutting Songs

July is complete and we are heading into the home stretch of the wedding season. So I know you are tired and have been working long hours, but it is time to buckle down and finish strong. Don't give up, and push through till the end. I hope the mini motivation speech helped because I believe in you and your best cakes and weddings are yet to come!  Well without wasting any more time let’s take a look at the July Sweets:


Top Google Searched Wedding Cake

Google the world's number one search engine, recently released their top ten list of the most searched wedding cakes. It is truly an interesting peek at what brides and grooms are thinking about regarding their wedding sugar art. The list for 2019 is:

  1. Naked wedding cake
  2. Simple wedding cake
  3. Italian wedding cake
  4. Rustic wedding cake
  5. Hawaiian wedding cake
  6. Small wedding cake
  7. Sunflower wedding cake
  8. Doughnut wedding cake
  9. Cupcake wedding cake
  10. DIY wedding cake

 Wow! A couple things jumped out at me. If you are a baker and are not comfortable doing naked cakes, now is a good time to start practicing. Donuts over cupcakes was something I did not see coming. And I feel sorry for all the Brides feeling pressure to go with the DIY  wedding cake trend. Making sugar art is difficult and to try and do it while planning a massive party makes it even more difficult. 



Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

The most often overlooked song at any wedding is the one that the couples cut the cake to. You carefully select a first dance song, a father/daughter dance song, a song to come down the aisle to, even all the music played during your cocktail reception is carefully selected. So do you really want to leave the cake cutting ceremony song up to the whims of the DJ? I mean I love "Baby Got Back" as much as the next person, but I really don't want it playing while I am cutting into my carefully selected wedding cake. So take a moment have some fun and make sure you are selecting a cake cutting song that you will enjoy. And to get you started here is three lists of songs perfect for cutting into you sugar art: My Wedding Songs, Brides, and Loverly


A Cake That Caught My Eye

This month the cake that caught my eye is this entire dessert display from Pollen and Pastry. It is absolutely stunning and perfectly fit for this amazing venue. I love the vineyard chic design that is elevated with a gold coloring. And I am naturally a lover of any design that uses 3 of my cake stands. This one features my (from left to right) Simply Stunning, Little Miss Perfect, and Wedding Bell cake stands. To see more great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram.

Best Wedding Cake Displays


3 Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Cake Size

Choosing the right wedding cake size is an important decision in the wedding cake process. Too little cake and not everyone gets a slice, too much and ... well, I have never had that problem but I hear some people have. There is a variety of opinions among bakers about how many servings to expect from different size cakes. As a result, bakers use different charts to demonstrate what size cake you will need for a certain number of guests. Some bakers use charts they have made themselves, while others use charts from well-known sources. So always make sure the bride and baker are on the same page regarding the cake size, and slices desired. And if you have any questions check out my 3 Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Cake Size.

Question of the Month

Last month we took a look at cake tiers sizes and how many you have ever made:

What are the most tiers you have ever made for one cake?

  • 1.9%    - 1
  • 0.0%    - 2
  • 5.7%    - 3
  • 20.8%  - 4
  • 22.6%  - 5
  • 18.9%  - 6
  • 9.4%    - 7
  • 7.5%    - 8
  • 0.0%    - 9
  • 13.2%  - 10 

Wow, a whopping 13% of you have made 10 tier cakes! That is truly amazing and those are some massive cakes. Hopefully you all know, my cake stands would have no problem supporting that amount of weight. It looks like the majority of you have topped out in the 4 to 5 range so I think the challenge for you is to try a 6-8 tier cake as that seems like a reasonable jump up. Also, 0% at 2 and 9 makes sense. If you are going to 9 tiers might as well push all the way to 10, and the jump from 2 to 3 is not too much of a challenge.


This month, I want to ask :

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