June Sweets: Costco Wedding Cake & Season 2 World Championship

June Sweets: Costco Wedding Cake & Season 2 World Championship

Seriously, how is June done already! Wasn't it just New Year's Eve? Either way here we are heading full steam into July, halfway through the wedding season. I hope everyone is surviving and thriving. I started a new habit this year. I am keeping a notebook for all the ideas that I have on what I can improve while in the middle of the busy season, but forget about by the time things slow down. Hopefully, I won't lose it by the time December rolls around and I have time to put the ideas into action. Well without wasting any more time let’s take a look at the June Sweets:


The $50 Costco Wedding Cake

So this $50 wedding cake has been all the rage with articles all over the internet from The Kitchen, to Good Morning America, to Yahoo News. It was apparently pieced together from Costco sheet cake and Trader Joe's flowers. I give it an A for inventiveness and resourcefulness, but I think the praise is going a little over the top. I mean I hate to pour cold water all over the love fest, but this looks like a mid-tier wedding cake from 1985. I am not saying the Bride and Groom shouldn't be happy with it or even proud of it. But some of the write-ups are acting like this cake is a top tier piece of sugar art. Not to get too snooty about it but if you had no context, most professionals would think this cake is from a mid-tier catering company that put it together with  no professional baker on hand. The Bride and Groom I hope are happy and thrilled (as they should be), but come on. These writers are going a little heavy on the hyperbole here. Or maybe I just think they needed a cake stand? 


Wedding Cake Championship Season 2 

It's back! Season 2 of The Wedding Cake Championship is now up on Hulu. This season, baking duos compete against each other to crown a Wedding Cake Champion. Although I doubt the validity of them really being the true wedding cake champion, it is still fun to see professional bakers craft their sugar art. So if you want to see what other bakers are up to, get an idea of what potential clients might ask you for, or you just enjoy wacky "reality" TV show hi-jinks, then you are going to enjoy this. Check out the official info from Hulu, or this write up in Entertainment Weekly for more info.


A Cake That Caught My Eye

In this month's A Cake That Caught My Eye, we take a look at a cake that embraces the best of the southwest. What a stunning use of traditional southwest colors that truly pops with this beautiful turquoise background. It is also a perfect match for my Natural Beauty cake stand. This an impressively thought out cake display from Wild Flower Cake Boutique. To see more great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram.

Amazing Wedding Cakes and Cake Stands


Make Money Renting Cake Stands

The wedding cake industry is tough. Long hours and hard work are required for making your business a success. So, any bit of extra income can really help. That’s where cake stand rentals can come in. On average, our cake stands rent for over $50 an event. If you rent just one cake stand once a week for a year that is an extra $2,600 in your pocket. Not bad for a one-time investment. Plus, by offering your own rental cake stands, you can ensure that when you arrive at the event you will have a safe and beautiful display for your cake. That’s what I call a win-win. So, how do you make sure that cake stand rentals are actually profitable for you? Follow our five easy tips and you will be well on your way towards putting some extra income in your pocket.  

Question of the Month

Last month we took a look at where the biggest pain point is in delivering a cake. And asked all the pro bakers:

When is the most dangerous point in transporting a cake?
(The most likely point something will go wrong)

  • 16%  - Loading it in the car
  • 63%  - Driving to the venue
  • 1%    - Getting the cake into the venue
  • 5%    - Setting the cake out for display
  • 15%  - Drunken Uncles bumping into it while out on display

Well, I do appreciate the self-confidence that the 15% showed by voting for the drunken uncle, it looks like for the majority of bakers the danger zone is while driving to the venue. Which makes a lot of sense given all the variables that come while driving. I know plenty of you know this already, but the number one tip I hear about cake transportation is to invest in a cake safe. It keeps your sugar art safe from all those crazy drivers. And in case you didn't know my cake boards fit perfectly into a cake safe. 

This month, I want to ask you how big your biggest cake was:

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