June Sweets: SCOTUS Ruling and New Wedding Cake TV Shows

June Sweets: SCOTUS Ruling and New Wedding Cake TV Shows

June is in the rearview mirror and we are onto the second half of 2018. This past month, I got to partake in the American tradition of a summer camping trip. And, while I was there, deep in the Utah mountains and far away from any cell coverage, I experienced an amazing dessert. The iconic campfire s'mores dessert bar. Oh, yeah! You take a sugar ice cream cone, fill it up with chocolate, marshmallows, caramel, and any other sweets you want. Then, wrap the entire cone in tinfoil, let the campfire heat it up, and enjoy. Who knew, even in the remote forest you can learn a new dessert. Now, on with the rest of June's Sweets: 


The Wedding Cake Championship Show

A new TV show about wedding cakes and bakers. I am in! On June 25th, the Food Network premiered a new show called, "The Wedding Cake Championship."  I will say, for a show touting itself as the wedding cake championship that the judges and hosts don't seem to have much of a background in wedding cakes. But, honestly, who cares? It's a fun show that is promoting the art form and getting bakers out there. So, I am all for it. Check out more details here and here.

Wedding Cake Championship Food Network Cake Stand


Need Some Cake Inspiration?

My lookbook is jammed pack with amazing cakes from over the years. It's a great source of inspiration for bakers and brides alike. Bakers can use it as a jumping off point when working with clients and brides can use it as a reference guide to the myriad of options available. With regular updates, you will constantly find new cakes to inspire you. If you haven't already checked it out, now is a great time!


 Supreme Court Ruling

In June, we had a supreme court ruling on the Colorado cake baker case. The court seemed to side with the baker in refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex couple. I say "seemed" because, if you dig into the ruling, it is not as clear as that. As I am not a lawyer, I am going to refer you to this short video for a breakdown of the history of the case and why the ruling was unclear. Watch it here. 

As for my personal opinion, I think if you are lucky enough to have a same-sex couple who wants a cake from your bakery then you should make the cake with the same gusto as any other customer. That being said, an opinion does not necessarily make for good law. Because, if you believe as I do, that crafting a wedding cake is making art then the baker is by definition an artist. Should we legally require an artist to make something they are morally opposed to? As an example, should we require an African American baker to make a wedding cake that depicts a KKK member on it? I'd love to know your thoughts so let me know what you think.


Cake That Caught My Eye

This classic cake design by Ardy Cakes in Anchorage, Alaska is a true beauty. Often, my favorite designs are the ones that feature perfectly crafted simplicity such as this. I love how the real flowers combined with my Natural Beauty cake stand give the entire design a fresh, organic feel. To see more great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram.

Ardy Cakes Sake Stands


Question of the Month

Last month, I asked all you bakers, "How many cake boards do you go through every month?" And, the results are in:

  •  0-5      --     0%           
  • 15-10  --      7%    
  • 10-15  --    25%       
  • 15-25  --     8%
  • 25+     --    50%

Holy cow! I guess I started way too low on this one. It looks like if you use cake boards regularly then you use at least 5 cake boards a month with half of all bakers using over 25 cake boards a month. That's an impressive amount of cake boards usage.

For this month's question, I want to know what you think about the revolving cake stands that have been popping up at cake shows recently. These innovative cake stands feature a rotating top plate to show off all sides of a cake. Answer the poll below or send me an email if you have more thoughts to share,


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