Little Miss Perfect: Earth and Sugar

Little Miss Perfect: Earth and Sugar

In celebration of the release of my new cake stand, the Little Miss Perfect, I asked some of my favorite Miss Perfect cake bakers to show off their sugar art and here is a golden tipped surprise that is sure to delight. Check out this beauty from Julie Rieutort and Janderyn Makris of Earth & Sugar:

Earth and Sugar Cake Stands

Texture is one of those cake elements that holds a place near and dear to my heart. At first glance, it seems simple but it takes a true artist to know how to strike the balance and use it to intrigue and refine a design. Julie Rieutort, Lead Pastry Chef and Cake Artist at Earth and Sugar is quite the visual genius. The bas relief in this cake is a wonderful example and the light golden touches with a voluptuous flower on top offer the perfect finishing touches to this cake.

Janderyn is the Founder and Creative Director behind the beloved bakery, Earth & Sugar. She is a self-taught baker that opened her doors in 2009 and is now in demand all over the world. My favorite story is about how one of her cakes travelled by private charter and yacht all the way to the Great Guana Cay, a nine-mile long islet in the Bahamas, for the wedding of a prominent economist’s wedding where President Bill Clinton was a guest. So, you know, I was over the moon when she agreed to help me show off the Little Miss Perfect cake stand. 

What was your inspiration for the cake design?
I had been wanting to do those textures for quite a while and had the opportunity to make this cake for our pop-up shop on the island of Palm Beach as part of the window display. - Julie Rieutort 

What was your biggest challenge in making the cake?
It was my first time working with both techniques which I had never practiced before and it presented some timing challenges. It took time to figure out the flow and placement of the texture so that it was more intentional than sporadic. - Julie Rieutort 

How long did it take to design and create the cake?
It took 8-10 hours of design time, not including the baking, layering and coating of the cake. - Julie Rieutort 

 wedding cake stand wedding Cake Stand Wedding cake stand

How do you feel the cake and cake stand work together?
It is absolutely necessary. When we consult our future brides or any client having a celebration, we take the time to go over display options. Even if they are doing it on their own, we emphasize how important it is to raise the cake off the table so that it doesn’t seem like an afterthought. What it is displayed on is just as important as the design you have selected, although it seems like a small detail it certainly is not. - Janderyn Makris

If you could direct the next big trend in wedding cakes, what would it be?
I definitely love seeing all the texture made with wafer paper but more with buttercream. We are most known for our buttercream work and seeing how much can be done with it is just amazing. Flowers, watercolor and actual landscapes painted in buttercream is by far one of the leading trends. - Janderyn Makris

Which baking tool could you not live without?
A small offset spatula! - Janderyn Makris

If someone is interested in having you make a cake, what is the best way to contact you?
Sending an email through our website is the fastest, due to the volume we take on it is always easier to have a dialogue in writing with images for inspiration. We always ask that not all images be of cakes but to also include textiles, colors landscapes or fashion that we can use in our design process. - Janderyn Makris

Earth and Sugar

wedding cake stand

I designed the Little Miss Perfect cake stand to be a sleek, compact display that packs a punch. The curve of the base and flat top plate offers a welcoming spot for your sugary delights and large multi-tiered cakes. For added versatility, the Little Miss Perfect is a complementary match to the Picture Perfect cake stand so you can group them together or use it as a stand-alone cake stand.

The Little Miss Perfect is made of carbon steel and can easily support the weight of large, heavy cakes. It's available now in sizes 12 inch & 14 inch, and in colors white, gold and (new!) navy blue.

Little Miss Perfect Cake Stands

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