Little Miss Perfect: Jasmine Rae Cakes

Little Miss Perfect: Jasmine Rae Cakes

In celebration of the release of my new cake stand, the Little Miss Perfect, I asked some of my favorite Miss Perfect cake bakers to show off their sugar art and here are two(!) gorgeous cakes on the new Moonlite Blue color cake stand. Take a look at this Feminine & Masculine Cake Duo by the ever-so-talented Jasmine Rae Cakes!

Jasmine Rae Cake on Little Miss Perfect Navy Blue Cake Stand

Jasmine Rae Cakes on Little Miss Perfect Navy Blue Wedding Cake Stand 

Jasmine Rae has one of the most fascinating backgrounds of any cake artist I know. She has a formal art background, owned a mural-painting business, has a B.A. in Cognitive Science, and an M.A. in Psychology. And, I love what she says about her cake designs, "When I visualize new cake designs, I break boundaries in my mind, soaring into the abstract, but when I create for my business, with sugar in hand, I reign in until it's just palatable enough to be relatable, but novel enough to titillate." It is always a delight to work with her and I was thrilled when she said she had both a masculine and feminine cake design to show off the new navy Little Miss Perfect cake stand.

What was your inspiration for the cake designs? 
The inspiration for the masculine cake came from the couple who ordered it. It was a wedding for two men and they specifically wanted a cake that wasn't too feminine. They loved another cake from my portfolio, and we based the technique and general proportions off that one. They loved the idea of the rice paper flowers, but not ON the cake--so we adorned the table with the mint green rice paper flowers to juxtapose delicacy with the weightiness of the simple cake profile. For the feminine cake, the inspiration came from a continued evolution of some of my popular techniques, using a variety of blue tones.

What was your biggest challenge in making the cakes?
The answer is almost always "Delivery"! Though, for the masculine cake, the challenge for this particular design was about varying the size of the pieces enough and allowing there to be some areas for the eye to rest. Because there would be no 3-dimensional adornment (like florals), I had to let the cake's finish and color story do all the work of maintaining a viewer's interest. When the design gets too uniform, the eye wanders away. There is one side of this cake where I failed to keep that sweet spot of variation: all the pieces are kind of the same shape and size. When I placed the cake at the venue, I put that side to the back. For the feminine cake, my biggest challenge was figuring out which side was the ‘front’ for photographing!

navy cake stand

When you’re adding texture to a cake as you do in these designs, how do you know when you’re finished? Or do you feel like you could keep tweaking the designs endlessly?
These particular designs required a good deal of restraint. Adding more could just make it muddy. In some places, I even let the cake's buttercream show through.

How do feel the cake and cake stand work together?
I treat the stand like an extension of the cake. I no longer rent for this purpose. Now, I always source or semi-fabricate stands specifically for my cakes. I may even buy a finished stand and then tone it to match the cake.

If you could direct the next big trend in wedding cakes, what would it be? 
Personal expression. For all cake makers to treat their work like an art piece that felt personal to create. I think both cake-makers and clients feel more satisfied when the design and process of ordering and creating was a personal one, honoring the unique expression of the cake-maker. Then the task of choosing a cake-maker becomes more about finding the right fit, and less about cake-makers competing to offer the lowest price.

Which baking tool could you not live without?
I call it my "favorite tool" but it's not for baking; it's for decorating. It's kind of a half-moon knife that gets sharper at the 'blade' and fatter at the base; and it's made of plastic.

If someone is interested in having you make a cake, what is the best way to contact you? or my website:

Jasmine Rae Cakes


wedding cake stand
I designed the Little Miss Perfect cake stand to be a sleek, compact display that packs a punch. The curve of the base and flat top plate offers a welcoming spot for your sugary delights and large multi-tiered cakes. For added versatility, the Little Miss Perfect is a complementary match to the Picture Perfect cake stand so you can group them together or use it as a stand-alone cake stand.

The Little Miss Perfect is made of carbon steel and can easily support the weight of large, heavy cakes. It's available now in sizes 12 inch & 14 inch, and in colors white, gold and (new!) navy blue.

Little Miss Perfect Wedding Cake Stands

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