Little Miss Perfect: Maggie Austin

Little Miss Perfect: Maggie Austin

In celebration of the release of my newest cake stand collection, the Little Miss Perfect, I asked some of my favorite Miss Perfect cake bakers to show off their sugar art and, oh, you are in for a sweet surprise. Check out this beauty from the one and only, Maggie Austin

MAggie Austin Cake Stand

This cake design features exquisite wafer paper appliques topped with a gumpaste peony arrangement in subdued tones for an overall magical effect.

Maggie's cakes have been seen all over the globe, from President Obama’s White House Christmas celebrations to elite Hollywood parties to royal weddings. Her designs display symmetry, elegance, and sophistication with the subtle yet unmistakable mark of haute couture. I couldn't be more excited when she agreed to help me show off the Little Miss Perfect cake stand. To make the moment even sweeter, I asked Maggie a few questions about her cake design and process:

What was your inspiration for this cake design?
This spring's runway is incredibly lush, with gorgeous layered appliqués and shimmering botanicals. I've been playing with wafer paper to achieve a translucent softness. 

Which took longer to create and assemble on the cake, the wafer paper appliques or the gumpaste peony arrangement?
Oh, sugar flowers are always the most time-consuming. They are the reason I don't keep a clock in my studio! 
What was your biggest challenge in making this cake?
I'm still learning how to work wafer paper. It's such a unique medium and I've only scratched the surface. I'm completely process-oriented so I love the exploration. 
How do you feel this cake and cake stand work together?
For me, a successful design is all about movement and proportion. This new stand is perfect for a delicate cake- the subtle elevation and simple lines make this another classic!

If you could direct the next big trend in wedding cakes, what would it be? 
I religiously avoid looking at other designer's cakes because I find I work best within my own bubble. I love volume. More texture, more flowers, more color, more beauty!
Which baking tool could you not live without?
I have a few (hope that's ok!). My trusty Kitchen Aid pasta roller for paper-thin gumpaste, my Agbay cake leveler for perfect cuts, and the miraculous Cake Safe for every single delivery. 

If someone is interested in having you make a cake, what is the best way to contact you?
Maggie Austin Cake
wedding cake stand
I designed the Little Miss Perfect cake stand to be a sleek, compact display that packs a punch. The curve of the base and flat top plate offers a welcoming spot for your sugary delights and large multi-tiered cakes. For added versatility, the Little Miss Perfect is a complementary match to the Picture Perfect cake stand so you can group them together or use it as a stand-alone cake stand.

The Little Miss Perfect is made of carbon steel and can easily support the weight of large, heavy cakes. It's available now in sizes 12 inch & 14 inch, and in colors white, gold and (new!) navy blue.

New Little Miss Perfect Wedding Cake Stands

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May 16, 2018

The cake is stunning & the new stands look wonderful. They are elegant without being too tall. I would definitely purchase one if they came in larger sizes like 16 or 18 inch diameters.

Erin Cronbaugh

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