March Sweets: Dress Inspired Wedding Cake & Stimulus FAQ

March Sweets: Dress Inspired Wedding Cake & Stimulus FAQ

WOW, so March is over and I don't think I could have ever imagined it would have gone the way it has. Most of us are living under stay in place orders. And truly all of us should be avoiding gatherings and travel. Which let's be real our industry needs gatherings and travel to thrive. I am sure many of you are stressed and finding for the first time in your life this isn't something you can hard work your way out of. For most of us, we just need to find a way to survive and deal with where things are when this is over. That is such an individual thing, that I can not possibly provide useful advice without knowing all your details. So I am going to mostly focus on providing you a little distraction from the chaos. Okay, let's dig into the  March Sweets before getting back to work:


Matching Wedding Dresses and Cakes

With gatherings and therefore weddings ground to a halt, there is not a lot to look at in the way fo new wedding trends. So I thought I would look back at one of my favorite old trends, matching the wedding and the wedding cake. Can we bring that back in full force? It's such a fun idea and leads to some amazing cakes. To see what I am talking about check out these amazing images from Deer Pearl Flowers. I think the trick to making it work is not creating a replica of the dress, but to create an extension of it. Something that works with the lines and curves of the dress. Focus on complementing the dress and not recreating it. This allows for more creativity and innovation. Merely copying the dress into cake form is an exercise in mimicry, but taking the dress and creating a complimentary piece that makes them both shine brighter is where the true sugar artistry lies. You can see the difference in the images when someone creates the dress in cake form verse creates an extension of the dress. Check out these lovely images from St. Pucchi and from Pinterest and see which ones really pop.  


At Home Baking Fun

With more time on my hands, you better believe I have baking way more than usual. I mean honestly who has time in normal life to whip up homemade dessert. And for the record homemade brownies are so much better than store-bought, the difference is insane. So I wanted to share some of the homemade dessert recipes I have been eyeing up and maybe inspire some of you. Seeing as I am far from a professional baker I started with some simple treats. I found this list of 5 ingredient dessert recipes to be quite amazing.  Number 9, mom's fried apples, my husband was particularly fond of. Now these next 6 are a little more tricky and I have not tried any of them yet, but this video is beautifully shot and makes me hungry every time I watch it. The brownie one, in particular, makes me realize I need to step up my games. And finally, this write up from has me drooling. It is all about dessert mashups. Apple Pie mixed with cinnamon rolls, Twix based fudge, or one that looks like too much fun the pinata cake. If you have a crazy dessert idea that you created don't be shy and please share! We all need some extra sweetness in our life these days. 


A Cake That Caught My Eye

This month a cake that caught my eye is this classic beauty from Earth and Sugar. Anyone the reads me knows I love when cakes create a hard and soft contrast. This cake does is it in such a lovely and subtle way. The cake tiers have such clean crisp and hard lines. The light coloring creates the feeling that the cake tiers are crafted from hard marble. Then it's wrapped in a lovely soft bouquet of flowers. Like a marble statue draped in silk.  And of course, I enjoy the way my Picture Perfect cake stand helps show off the entire piece. Elevating it and keeping the focus on the sugar art.

To see more amazing cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram.  


US Stimulus FAQ 

In this section, we usually talk about some promotion or the going ons in Sarah's Stands world. But given that everything has ground to a halt I figured I would try to pass along some useful information for my US-based readers. As I am sure you are aware in the US, Congress passed a 2 trillion dollar stimulus package. It's about 900 pages long so digging through the fine details might not be in your wheelhouse. But I have found a very useful FAQ from the New York Times that is very helpful. The two sections I thought might apply to my audience is that they are expanding unemployment to self-employed persons, and they are offering loans to business that turn into grants if you keep 90% of your staff working. Check out the FAQ and see if any of it could help you.


Question of the Month

Each month to try and better understand the wedding cake world I ask a question, and then share the answer the next month. Last month I was curious to know about the number of cake stands you own:

Have you ever made a dummy cake for a Wedding?

  • 66%  - Yes
  • 34%  - No

Wow, I am truly surprised! I guess dummy cakes at weddings are even more popular than I expected. Maybe several of the weddings I have been to even used one and I didn't even realize it. And that would make sense because when done well the guest should never even know its a dummy cake. Guest should just be thinking, oh the cater wants to take the cake to the back to cut it up.  Which honestly more caters should do. Hacking up a wedding is not a pretty process even when you are good at it.  

This month I want to ask you about cakes inspired by wedding dresses:

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