March Sweets: Sugar Clouds and Vasectomy Cakes

March Sweets: Sugar Clouds and Vasectomy Cakes

March is a wrap and we are now full blown into spring. And, with spring comes a new product launch from Sarah's Stands and this one is going to be a fun one. It is sweeter and lower than the Sweet & Low cake stand and is constructed from a material that is sure to both tickle and amaze you. I have to get to work prepping it all for you but, trust me, you are going to L-O-V-E it. Now, after that bit of hype, let's get on to the March Sweets!


Sugar Clouds

If I said you could decorate a wedding with beautiful clouds that come in any color you want I bet you could imagine a few hundred ways to do it. Now imagine if these clouds are made of pure sugar and guests could enjoy it as a dessert at the end of the night. Tell me you wouldn't use it all over the place! Well, these sugar clouds are real and they are coming soon to a wedding near you. Using cotton candy as a wedding decoration feels like a trend that has been long overdue. Want to see wedding cotton candy at its finest? Check it out here or here. Now I am just waiting to see all the amazing ways wedding cake bakers will incorporate it into their cakes!

Cotton Candy Wedding Trend


Vasectomy Cakes (For Real)

There truly is a cake for every occasion. Today, I present to you the newest trend in celebratory cakes...the Vasectomy Cake! That's right, delicious sugar art is being used to celebrate a man getting snipped. And, let's be honest, eating cake is great when you are feeling good and celebrating a birthday or anniversary but when do you really need cake? When you are down, stuck on a couch, and need a sweet, little pick me up. So, this procedure definitely warrants a cake, don't you agree? In fact, I think we need more bad day celebration cakes. If we have more cakes for sad people then maybe we would have fewer sad people. Or, maybe we would just have more cake. Either way, it's a win-win situation. Want to see what a Vasectomy Cake looks like? Check this out for a full breakdown.


A Cake That Caught My Eye

This month, I want to show you a truly stellar piece of sugar art. This cake looks like a sculpture of flame and wind that has been crafted from wood. Yet, it is none of these. It is, in fact, a bewitching piece of sugar from the talented Jenna Rae Cakes that I am delighted to see paired with one of my Sweet & Low cake stands. To see more great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram.



Do I Even Need a Wedding Cake Stand?

I realized the other day that I have been creating, working and thinking about wedding cake stands for ten years. That's a long time. And, during this time, I have written about almost every aspect of cake stands except the most obvious one. Why do you even need a cake stand for your wedding? Somehow this very obvious and basic question just slipped through my radar. So, after ten years, I finally answered the question which you can check out here --> Do I Even Need a Wedding Cake Stand?


Question of the Month

Last month, we took a look at one of the biggest diet trends in the last few decades and asked bakers if they succumbed to the trend and started offering this option in their cakes. 

Do you offer a gluten-free option for your wedding cakes?

  • 63% - Yes
  • 37% - No

From my experience, this result seems right. The majority of restaurants and bakeries today offer a gluten-free option and I am always curious why others do not join in. This "trend" has been going on for well over a decade now and it does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. From just a pure business sense, why not offer a gluten-free option and try to sell more cakes? 

This month, I want to ask you about your wedding cake displays: 

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