March Sweets: The Royal Baker and a Netflix Binge

March Sweets: The Royal Baker and a Netflix Binge

Well, March certainly took an interesting turn here in the cake stand world. I would never have expected to be writing to you about global trade affairs but here I am. In case you haven't heard, the US president recently started talking about and implementing steel tariffs. Many of our cake stands are made of steel so this could very well affect them even though they are mostly manufactured here in the USA (one part is made in Canada). We have already had a slight increase in cost on one of our parts but there have been lots of warning emails that other price increases could be following soon. So far, this has not affected the price of any of our cake stands but, depending on how everything works out, it certainly could and I just want to keep you in the loop. I will do my best to keep our prices as low as I can but my influence on global trade policy is surprisingly not strong. Now, on to the fun stuff! Let's check out the March Sweets:

Cake Stands and Netflix


Pastry goodness is coming to Netflix 

The Emmy nominated food porn extravaganza that is Chef's Table is digging into pastries this season. They are focusing on four well-known dessert makers: Christin Tosi, Will Goldfarb, Jordi Roca, and Corrado Assenza. This seems like a must binge-watch show for any sweets lover. I know I will have my homemade premix cookies ready for a marathon! Check out the trailer for an eyeful of sweet treats.


Winifred Kriste´s Baker Spotlight

In case you missed it, I featured the extraordinarily talented Winifred Kriste´ in last month's baker spotlight. She works out of a modest shop in Singapore but her impeccably detailed cakes can be seen all over the world. Find out the fun story of how she became a baker and whether or not she eats grocery store cake! 


The baker for the royal wedding has been named!

Claire Ptak, San Fransico native and owner of the London based bakery, Violet Cakes, has been officially named the wedding baker for the upcoming royal wedding. Given that the Prince is marrying an American, Ptak seems like a perfect choice. Besides being a world-class baker, she is also a well-known food stylist and writer for the Guardian and British Vogue. As far as the wedding cake goes, she described the flavor as a "lemon elderflower cake that will incorporate the bright flavors of spring." Whatever that means, it sounds delicious and I am expecting my wedding invite any day now! For more details on Ptak, check this out and this.


Wedding Cake Stand

A cake that caught my eye

I discovered this glimmering sugar beauty after being tagged on Instagram by Olga, the baker and owner of FiftySweety. This cake is a wonderfully modern design with intricate detail work that looks like it could be displayed in MOMA. The design is a perfect match for my Sweet & Low cake stand due to the cake stand's low profile and clean lines. To see more great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram.  


Question of the Month

Last month, I had a question for all the pros out there, "As a professional baker, how often do you eat your own cake?" And, here are the results! 

  • 57% - All the time! I must do quality control on every cake I make.
  • 13% - Sometimes, only when there are cake scraps left over. 
  • 17% - Rarely, only when the mood strikes.
  • 13% - Never! Do you know how much cake I'm around all the time? 

I think I am with the majority on this one! If I was around cake all the time, I would still need to do quality control checks on every single cake. 

This month, I want to know how you really feel about cake boards:

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