May Sweets: Making Your Own Wedding cake & Cake Plates

May Sweets: Making Your Own Wedding cake & Cake Plates

May is now a wrap, summer is in full bloom, and the wedding season is heading toward you at full force. For those of us in the wedding industry, I know that it can be easy to become numb to the rhythms and patterns of weddings. We often forget that for those attending a wedding, this is a big day. I think sometimes it is worth taking a moment and remembering how special it is to be a part of this industry. To the professionals out there, I encourage you to take a moment at your next wedding and really take it in. You might not remember this wedding by next season, but many people in the room will remember this day for their entire lives and getting to be a part of that is pretty cool.  Now let’s look at the May Sweets:


Making your Own Wedding Cake?

There has been a recent uptick in the number of brides and grooms making their own wedding cake. And I have to say that I am torn by this idea. Should you really make your own wedding cake for your wedding? It sounds like a wonderfully romantic idea, but having planned a wedding, I have no idea when a bride or groom would find time to do this. I would be concerned that you would get so wrapped up in the cake, that it would pull you away from enjoying the rest of the pre-wedding events. Also, when else are you going to have a perfect reason to have a professional baker make a massive piece of sugar art just for you? That being said, it is your wedding and if making the cake means that much to you, then absolutely go for it.  But to me, it seems like something you should only do if your heart is dead set on it. Otherwise, I would leave the wedding cake to the pros. I did find several interesting write-ups and tips on making your own wedding cake that might help you decide if it is right for you: Chel Sweets, Brides Magazine, and Bridal Musings.   


Making your own wedding cake________________________________________________________

Abandoned Wedding 

Okay, this story just made me laugh and sometimes you need to share things just for the laughs. A woman found a large elaborate wedding cake just sitting on the side of the road in a suburban neighborhood in Australia. First, this sounds like the beginning of a great joke, "A woman finds a wedding cake on the side of the road." Second, I love that this story made the news in Australia. If my local news was filled with these kinds of stories I would be way more likely to watch it. Lastly, can you imagine finding a massive 5-tier wedding cake just sitting on the side of the road? It leads to so many questions. Was the wedding called off? Did it fall out of a car? Does the bride know where the cake is? Does the baker? Did a guest run off with it? Maybe a disgruntled employee of the baker quit and wanted to take a parting gift? Maybe a hungry waiter snuck the cake out? Who knows! So many questions that I hope to never get answered so I can always wonder about that cake. Now if it had only been sitting on the side of the road on a cake stand, this story would be perfect.


A Cake That Caught My Eye

In this months A Cake That Caught My Eye, we take a look at a cake that makes me reach for the nearest fork. This marvelous cake from Ponoma Cakes is literally toppling with deliciousness, and I want to dig in! It is beautifully displayed on my Black Picture Perfect cake stand and looks ready for any party where delicious treats are invited. To see more great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram

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Cake Plates are Here!

In case you missed it, this past month I launched three wonderful collections of cake plates: a terrazzo cake plate, a brass cake plate, and a concrete cake plate. It's funny when I first started out I had to convince people that you could make a pedestal style cake stand that could support heavy multi-tiered cakes (spoiler alert, you can and I do). And now some people have expressed concerns about my cake plates doing the same. I can assure you without a doubt these cake plates will have no issues with you multi-tiered cakes. I agree most of the time you want the height and elevation of a pedestal style cake stand, but there are occasions when a cake plate is exactly what you need. Not sure when that is? Check out my latest blog post about why to use a cake plate to help you know when a cake plate is best.

Question of the Month

Last month we took a look at how you feel about all these bizarre exotic themed weddings that have been popping up:

How do you feel about exotic themed weddings?

  • 33% - I love them, let's get crazy and wild with it!
  • 33% - They are fine if done well
  • 0% - I don't like them at all! 
  • 33% - Whatever, I am just going for the free cake and booze.

Well, that split is about as even as possible and I am happy to see we do not have any negative Nancy's out there. To me, themed weddings are fun and as long as the happy couple is doing it their way, then I am happy to support it. As long as I get some good food and my fair share to drink.

This month, I want to ask you about : 

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