May Sweets: Savory Cakes and Royal Disappointments

May Sweets: Savory Cakes and Royal Disappointments

May is over and we are full on into the heat and fury of the summer. But I have a little confession to make I have been getting drawn into something more fitting of winter, hockey. This is the first year that Las Vegas has a hockey team or any major pro sports team and it has been so much fun watching the community come together around something non-casino related. Even if you are not a sports fan (which I am for sure not) the opening ceremonies from the championship games have been pretty impressive. I mean it is so Vegas.  So while the rules may allude me, Go Knights Go! On with the May Sweets:


Disappointing Royal Cake

I don't know about you but I found the royal wedding cake to be a little disappointing. Don't get me wrong it clearly took skill to make and I am sure it tasted amazing, but it just seemed a little lackluster. The cake is completely overwhelmed by the cake stands. Don't get me wrong you can use a gaudy over the top cake stand, but you need a larger than life cake that can match or hopefully exceed the stand. This cake looked better suited for a high-end country chic affair with my Natural Beauty cake stand. At least it sounds like it was delicious, lemon cake with an elderflower syrup drizzle. You bakers better get ready for that flavor request for the next few years.  For full cake details.



Savory Wedding Cake 

Every few years someone predicts that this year's big trend will be savory cheese and meat cakes. And it never takes off, nor do I hope it ever does! But I was at a wedding last month where they had a cheese wheel cake and served it with honey and grapes. The entire thing was a really lovely presentation. So while I love seeing sugar art at weddings I think there is something that can be learned and appreciated from a savory wedding cake presentation. For some inspiration check this out or this fun Pinterest search.   

A Cake That Caught my Eye

This darling piece of sugar art is the picture of cake and cake stand perfection. This cake by Loveit Cakes in Australia looks custom created for my Pretty in Pink Picture Perfect cake stand. The cake stand enhances the beauty of the cake while still keeping all the focus on the cake itself. To see more great cakes like this one, make sure to follow us on Instagram.    


Make Your Cake Look It's Best

A lot of time, talent, money, and love go into every wedding cake so you want to make sure that when you put it on display you give the cake its proper due. Lighting, room size, and yes the cake stand all play key roles in making your wedding cake shine. If only someone wrote a handy 10 tip guide to displaying a wedding cake. (I am sure you know what comes next.) Yes indeed, I have done just that. Check out my top 10 Tips for Displaying Your Wedding Cake. A good jumping off point for those new to wedding cakes, and quick refresher for the veterans. 


Question of the Month

Last month I asked, "What color cake should I debut or bring back?" And the results came back:

  • 46.2% Ivory
  • 26.9% Hot Pink
  • 19.2% Red
  • 3.8% Brown
  • 3.8% Yellow
Well, my husband will be happy that Hot Pink did so well as that is his favorite of all the previous cake stand colors. But the clear winner here is Ivory. So I am going to look into to a limited run, no promises or timetables, but I am going to look into it. With that let's look at this months question. Something I have wondered for the longest time:
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