November Sweets: Cotton Candy Clouds and Revenue Streams

November Sweets: Cotton Candy Clouds and Revenue Streams

November is in the books and we are now fully into the mad dash that is the holiday season. For me, November was wonderfully productive as I got to work on a new collection of cake stands for the Spring. Everything is still hush-hush so no announcements here but I was able to make some exciting progress. And, Thanksgiving was quiet at my house as my husband had minor surgery two days before. We, along with our dog, Fozzy Bear, just enjoyed some mac and cheese while watching movies. I hope your Thanksgiving was full of all your favorite people and food. Now, let's get on with the November Sweets!

Ice Cream in a Cotton Candy Cloud - You need to check out this amazing ice cream joint in NYC called Wu Kong. They just opened this summer and they make the most elaborate ice cream cones I have ever seen. Each cone is drizzled with toppings and then served in a cloud of cotton candy. This has to be one of the most photogenic desserts I have ever seen. I would say you need to go try it now but they have closed for the winter and won't be opening until Spring. I guess these images on Instagram will have to keep us happy until then.


Cake Competition! - Early this month, Cake International held the Cake Decorating and Baking Show in Birmingham, England. It's billed as the "The UK's leading cake decorating, sugarcraft, and baking show." I highly recommend you check out their image gallery as there is some truly impressive sugar sculpture work that must be seen.  

A cake that caught my eye - I am a big fan of this lovely cake from Nutmeg Cake Design in Philadelphia. The off-center tiers make for a dynamic profile that is a fantastic match for my Square Sweet & Low Cake StandI came across this cake on Instagram and you can see plenty more amazing cakes on my Sarah's Stands IG account.


A new revenue source for bakers - The wedding cake industry is tough. Long hours and hard work are required for making your business a success. So, any bit of extra income can go a long way to help. That’s where cake stand rentals come in! Check out my 5 Easy Tips for Making Money Renting Cake Stands.

Poll Question of the Month - Last month, we took a look at how you feel about macaroons and it looks like this sweet treat is not going anywhere anytime soon. Check out the results below:

56% - I love them 
22% - They look pretty but not so good to eat 
22% - Can we stop with them already?

This month, we take a look at the infamous holiday Fruitcake:





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