October Sweets: An All Dessert Restaurant and a 2018 Prediction

October Sweets: An All Dessert Restaurant and a 2018 Prediction

October has been a month of highs and lows. For those that don’t know my office is in Las Vegas and despite the terrible events, it was truly inspiring to see the community come together so quickly. #VEGASSTRONG is the real deal. On a happier note, this month I was able to attend my cousin’s wedding in Indiana where she used a Natural Beauty Cake Stand to show off her beautiful cake from Altisimma Cakes in Chicago. It was a beautiful cake and amazing time. Let's get on with my October Sweets:

An All Dessert Resturant - Here in Vegas, we have one on my favorite restaurants on the planet - Sweets Raku! It is a multiple course dessert only restaurant. The desserts are crafted by French-trained Jappensse chefs. They are truly works of art in both design and flavor. I just went there with Rachel Teufel of Intricate Icings and to paraphrase her "How has this not been in my life before?" If you are a true dessert lover this is must do. Their website is little underwhelming but their sweets are over the top.

The cake that caught my eye - This beautiful creation comes to us from Ashley Cakes in North Carolina. This wonderful cake has just the right tough of color combined with impressively crisp lines. This cake is a perfect pairing for my Natural Beauty Cake Stand. I came across this cake on Instagram, you can check out lots of amazing cakes on my Sarah's Stands IG account.

2018 Wedding Trend Prediction - We are going to see allot of Brides incorporating macrame pieces into their wedding designs this season. Macrame has an organic Boho chic feel that lots of Brides are looking for. Marambe feels romantic and fun making it a perfect decor choice for a wedding reception.  Keep an eye out because macrame is going to make its presence felt in 2018.


Fun Cake Stand Uses - As you might expect I have more than a few cake stands around my house so over the years I have found a lot of fun ways uses for them. Of course, the best use is showing off a sweet treat, but sometimes you got to branch out and expand your cake stand horizons. Check out my top 10 fun uses for your cake stand.

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